French Sessa Photo Co, Seattle Event Photographer Offer Creative Documentary-Style Event Photoshoots - 3 minutes read

The Seattle-based photographer couple duo has over a decade of experience capturing and sharing memories at corporate events with their creative outlook.

Seattle: With over a decade-old expansion, Amber & Micheal, the photographer duo at French Sessa Photo Co, takes a unique and artistic approach to photography to create vibrant, relaxed, and unstaged photos.

French Sessa Photo Co, a Seattle event photography company, has a lot to offer. They believe that photoshoot during your company's next corporate event may increase employee morale and help them to preserve valuable memories of their co-workers. As a result, there is a higher level of loyalty in the firm and the industry. In marketing and social media, great photos are also quite effective. As a result, hiring Seattle event photographer is a requirement

French Sessa Photo Co also works in a creative and documentary way, monitoring the entire day from beginning to end and shooting unobtrusive images that capture the day's energy and emotions. Event photographs can be organized in the evening, and the French Sessa Photo Co provides Event Photographer in Seattle which works free and open hours. Photos are sent in a password-protected web gallery and a customized event book within a short time after the business event.

Corporate event photography is an essential part of advertising and enticing people to attend your event. With the rise of image-based internet platforms like Instagram and Facebook, the entire world has become increasingly visual. With this in mind, visually representing your event is critical for efficient promotion - how will you convince people to come if your images aren't captivating?

A Seattle Event Photographer is present to record the people, place, activities, feelings, and responses, as well as to provide high-resolution, professional photographs that may be utilized across a range of media channels. Having unique images to advertise your event is a terrific way to attract new guests as well as re-engage previous attendees.

Amber and Micheal, experts of Seattle Event Photography, use natural light creatively to produce vibrant images that reflect the spirit of the day. They are willing to travel to any location in the United States to capture events of all kinds. Consultations can be done through Skype or Zoom

French Sessa Photo Co, based in Seattle, has over ten years of expertise photographing business events. They've shot events ranging from colossal gala dinners with famous keynote speakers to corporate conferences, AGMs, and product launches with a variety of event organizers and agencies.

Amber explains, "A corporate event is one in which you must represent the company's goals. What are your options for accomplishing this? At French Sessa Co, we help to capture this vision by making sure that each shot is elegantly placed, capturing the event location and items uniquely." Micheal also adds, "Imagine! Our finest Business Event Photographer from Seattle, I believe, offers creativity to your corporate event by framing the photographs utilizing innovative perspectives that make each individual caught in the shot feel like they were an active participant in the corporate event."

As professional Seattle Event Photographers, they specialize in presenting the story of your event through a mix of candid photographs as the event progresses and creatively controlled formal photos. As a result, a magnificent visual record has been created.

Events covered

●   Conferences

●   Lectures

●   Trade Shows

●   Gala dinners

●   Awards ceremonies

●   Delegate & group shots

●   Product or brand launches

●   PR Events

●   Corporate headshots

●   Round table discussions

●   Editorial

The French Sessa Photo Co is based in Seattle, but they travel to capture events anywhere in the city. To learn more about how French Sessa Photo Co is helping Seattle event photography of all types and sizes start, run, and grow their business, visit