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Green chemistry conference


Green Chemistry Congress 2022 invites all of you, at the 13th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Engineering in Barcelona, Spain from December 05-06, 2022 to engineers, chemists, researchers, scientists, and chemical associations for collaborating with green chemistry experts who further contribute to the field area person success The main motive of this conference is to together those above-mentioned persons by which their experience and knowledge of chemicals bring more sustainable, environmental and circular friendly solutions. With these experts, in the field of green chemistry, we work toward a less carbon footprint and sustainable development solutions.


Environmental benign reactions

Green Chemistry is a wide range of reaction like solid-state reaction, enzymatic reactions, sonication reactions, and photochemical reactions that describes the need for green chemistry and the principles of green chemistry. Green chemistry also discusses the plan and detailed preparation that are used in order to convert to green laboratory techniques. Green chemistry includes many types of reactions like normal reactions and benign reactions. And also experiment with detail of a number of green preparations. So mainly green chemistry includes:

·        Green chemistry normal and benign reactions

·        Green laboratory techniques and also the experiment detail of no. of green preparations

·        Brief information about the need for green chemistry and the principle of green chemistry


Radical reaction to Aqueous media 

Green chemistry helps us to lower the cost, ready availability, and power to end environmentally unfriendly by-products but water is also an obvious solution to protect from volatile, environmental harmfulness, and bio incompatible organic solvents. Radical chemistry through water has expanded the versatile and flexible hemolytic carbon-hydrogen, carbon-carbon halogen, and carbon-nitrogen bond formations. Green chemistry also describes radical reactions in organic and aqueous media and also application in total synthesis. The radical reaction has main five parts:

·        Carbon-centered free radicals generation

·        Radical initiators

·        Solubility through substrates

·        Suitable free radical hydrogen donors

·        HAT reaction in aqueous media


Who should attend

·        Eminent chemists

·        Engineers

·        Research fellows and students

·        Chemical Medical, Agriculture, bio, and technology companies

·        Scientists

·        Business executives and directors related to the green chemistry field

·        Chemical professors, doctors

·        Industry professionals

·        Chemical or chemistry-related societies and association

·        Chemistry experts



This event is conducted together with all experts related to the green chemistry and engineering field to expand and use those technologies which are more sustainable, circular, and environmentally friendly. This green chemistry congress 2022 able us all chemical processes to become innovative with less carbon footprint and more sustainable development solutions in the mind of chemists, scientists engineers, Chemical companies, chemistry societies, chemical associations, and other many companies.

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Green Chemistry is important for today and the upcoming future which gives us a valuable idea for our environment protection in a scientific way. That’s why, All over the world, companies, industries, and governments are working with chemists to make the economy a sustainable enterprise. Our conference Green chemistry congress 2022 is also a way by which all chemists and researchers interact with each other and grow small grassroots ideas into a new approach to scientifically–based environmental protection. Maybe, Green chemistry is the next social movement that is set aside all the world’s differences and allows for the making of an environmentally commendable civilization.

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We can say that “Green Chemistry is Not an answer to all environmental queries, it is a fundamental approach to prevent the pollution of the environment.

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