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Capsular contracture

Aspen After Surgery Center comes up with the best non-surgical treatments for Encapsulated contracture. Stop worrying, as the experts are there to take care of your breasts. It’s time to learn how these treatments restore the natural shape of your breasts. 


Are you facing a problem after a breast implant surgery? Now, you can get the best solution at Aspen After Surgery Center. Here, you will meet the reconstructive surgery experts who will help you handle post-surgery complications. Breast implant surgery is becoming popular nowadays. However, you may face multiple complications after surgery. Encapsulated contracture is a serious problem you may face after surgery, and you need to consult an expert immediately. 


Usually, the experts at Aspen After Surgery Center offer non-surgical treatment. However, if you require surgery, they help you find a specialist. Hence, you will find it easy to deal with the issues. 


What is encapsulated contracture?


Encapsulated contracture is a complication where the scar tissues tighten and get the shape of a constricting capsule. Having scar tissue is a natural process after breast implant, but Capsular contracture happens when the tissues become extremely tight. It damages the breasts, and you have to consult an expert for further treatment.


Experts at Aspen After Surgery Center develop effective treatments that make you feel confident. They provide non-surgical treatment; thus, you can eliminate all the worries.


Reasons for Capsular contracture


Now, you may be thinking about why capsular contracture happens. The reasons are mentioned here:


Reason #1: Bacterial Infections


Due to a foreign body, bacteria may attack your breasts resulting in Capsular contracture.


Reason #2: Trauma


Trauma due to breast surgery can be another prime reason for capsular contracture.


Reason #3: Large Implant


Encapsulated contracture sometimes happens if the implanted breasts become too large. 

Overall, you get a clear view of the reasons, and it helps you get the right solution. An expert first understands the actual cause of the problem and, accordingly, gives you the treatment.


Gradually, you will get rid of the complications and see notable results of breast augmentation. 


Symptoms of Capsular Contracture


Now, you must know the symptoms of capsular contracture:


Symptom #1: Changes in Breast Structure


Once you notice changes in breast structure after augmentation, you must visit an expert who will help you know if you have capsular contracture. 


Symptom #2: Asymmetrical Breast


It is another notable symptom, and it’s important to consult an expert to learn the reason behind it. 


Symptom #3: Pain and Uneasiness 


Your breasts may become painful, and you will feel constant discomfort. The tightening of scar tissue results in such a condition, and an expert can help you know how to handle the issue. 


Symptom #4: Breasts Becoming Hard


Breasts may become hard to touch if you have encapsulated contracture. If you feel that your breasts are firm, you must approach the medical expert getting the treatment.


The symptoms mentioned above help you learn if you are suffering from breast complications. An expert gives you confidence, and you will learn the treatments that help you deal with the condition. The experts at Aspen After Surgery Center have ample experience of handling breast augmentation issues and thus, you will get the best treatment.


Learning About Botched Capsular Contracture


Botched capsular contracture is a serious condition that may leave your breasts in bad shape. Patients suffering from this condition may require revision surgery to get their breasts in the right shape. A healthcare expert will thoroughly analyze the body’s condition before suggesting a revision surgery. It’s important to consult a specialist who will help you in real-time. Once you notice size fluctuations, you need to meet the expert, as it may result from botched capsular contracture.


Are you searching for a good place where the experts will give you the best non-surgical treatment? Aspen After Surgery Center is the ideal place where the experts provide non-surgical treatment, and you can thus avoid the trauma post-surgery. Do you want to know more details about the treatments they offer? Visit and you will learn all details. Also, you watch a detailed video of an expert explaining the benefits of the treatments. Once you visit the center, you will learn how the experts help you get rid of encapsulated contracture.