How Do I Talk to a Live Person at American Airlines? - 2 minutes read

Whether it's about booking flight tickets or needing modifications, you can talk to a live person at American Airlines anytime. Multiple contact options are available; however, you can call directly for immediate help. In the article, you will get detailed information; check it out to stay updated. 

Follow the steps below to get a live person at American Airlines over phone. 

  • Dial the American Airlines customer service number 
  • You can follow instructions and choose the desired language 
  • Now follow IVR running to connect with a live person in co ecard department
  • Press 1 to ask about booking 
  • Press 2 for modifications 
  • Press 3 for refund information 
  • Press 4 for baggage queries 
  • Press 5 for more options 
  • Select the most suitable choice that suits your requirement 
  • You can choose a department further when you wish to connect 
  • Now select the question or reason for your call
  • Say 'talk to a live person and stay on the phone 
  • In a few minutes, once a live agent is available, you are free to share the queries and get solutions to it 

Other ways to contact American Airlines 

Alternatively, you can also connect with American Airlines online via chat and ask about your common issues. Otherwise, you can also email to share any feedback, concern, compliment, etc. Social media is another way to send a direct message to the airline. 

You can connect with American Airlines customer service