Best coolers to buy on a tight budget - 4 minutes read

Coleman Xtreme 5-Day 70qt


Not all customers have a large budget. However, no matter how tight your finances, there are still several options for good coolers for you. This review will focus on one of our favourites on the list of high-end coolers: the Coleman Xtreme 5-Day 70qt, which is over 50% cheaper than most of its competitors. Decent performance coupled with a reasonable price and good usability make the Coleman one of the Top Rated Camping Coolers by customers.


Let’s start the review with a performance comparison.




Of course, as you might have expected, the Coleman is not great when it comes to insulation. While many other models with high scores can maintain a temperature of below 40º for six or 6.5 days, the Coleman can do so for only 4.1 days. However, considering the fact that most of the tests are conducted under extremely hard conditions, the Coleman’s performance is acceptable. The fact that the wall on this model is one of the thinnest on the market is the reason for this low performance.


The good news is that in terms of storing beer (meaning the maintenance of a temperature of below 50º), the Coleman is not much behind other models, with 4.8 days as compared to the overall average of 5.1 days.


Interestingly, customers who frequently use the cooler indicate that its insulation performance can be significantly increased if one follows these simple tips and tricks. First, pre-freezing the cooler, as well as the items that you will be storing in it, will be helpful. Second, you had better know that the best ratio of ice and food is 2:1 and, therefore, add some ice packs. Those small things can extend the amount of time that you can store food and drink in the Coleman during your trip.




If you are looking for a durable cooler, you might have to skip this model, as its durability is quite disappointing. Besides the thin wall, the hinges of this model are thin and flimsy.


Unfortunately, Coleman possesses one of the critical weaknesses of coolers: leaking. Because it has no rubber seal, as found in most competitors, it allows water, air, and liquid to get through.


Many customers also complained about the fact that the plastic-on-plastic seal featured on this Coleman model doesn’t last long.


By contrast, you can use this product as a seat because the weight limit is estimated at 250 pounds – more than enough for a person to sit on top.


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How easy is it to use?


While other models with high scores may require several uses before you become accustomed to their operation, the Coleman is extremely simple in terms of design, with the removal of latches, the lack of dry bins, and the missing of frills.


The space inside is quite roomy, with an actual volume of 68 quarts.


High portability is a plus


The thin wall that caused low durability, as well as the lack of many other components, make the Coleman one of the lightest coolers and Top Rated Coolers For Camping on the market, with an actual weight of 11.9 pounds. The light weight adds the value of high portability, which may be appreciated by solo travellers who will find it impossible to carry coolers that are three or four times heavier.




As we mentioned, this product shines when one considers its value for the money. For just under $100, you can purchase a cooler that keeps your food and drinks cold through a day trip.




There is not much to question about whether the Coleman Xtreme 5-Day 70qt is the best cooler for the price. Coleman is a great choice due to its budget, mobility, and insulation.


If you are a customer who doesn’t prioritize durability, this model could satisfy you.