How do I check in with LOT? - 3 minutes read

LOT Polish Airlines is commonly known as LOT, based in Poland. There are various methods available if you have purchased your flight ticket for your next trip at LOT and want to learn about the check-in process. You can LOT check-in for your flight through the website or at the airport at your convenience. You can also check out the policies for check-in at LOT Airlines.

Different Methods to Check-In at LOT

The process of all the available methods to check in for the LOT flight is listed below.

Online Check-In

Passengers can web check-in for their flight from anywhere and obtain their boarding pass on their phones. The web check-in starts 24 hours before the departure of the flight and ends 1 hour before the departure. You can LOT online check-in anytime between this available timing with the following steps:

•                   Go to the website of LOT on your browser,

•                   Click the Check-In tab,

•                   Enter the booking reference and surname, and then tap the Next button,

•                   Your booking will show on your screen,

•                   Add any services or choose a seat or tap the Skip button,

•                   Download your boarding pass on your device after hitting the Check-In button.

As per the above steps, you can check in online, but for that, there are some points you must consider:

•                   A boarding pass can be shown on the phone at the airport if a passenger has checked in online.

•                   Online check-in is not allowed if the flight ticket has been purchased from a third party.

•                   1 to 9 passengers can check in through the website at a time for a LOT flight.

•                   Passengers traveling with a baby must check in through the airport desk.

•                   Passengers should check in their baggage at the airport itself.

•                   Seat selection can be made at the time of web check-in.

Airport Desk Check-In

The check-in service is available at the LOT airport, which you should reach at least 2-3 hours before the departure of your flight. You have to carry an identity proof card and your flight ticket. Wait in the queue at the check-in desk, and after the verification, you will receive your boarding pass.

Kiosk Check-In

You can avoid the long queue at the airport by using the self-service machine for check-in for your LOT flight. You can print the boarding pass right after completing the check-in process. Go to the Kiosk and follow the provided instructions:

•                   Put your booking details on the machine,

•                   Hit the check-in button,

•                   Follow the steps shown on the Kiosk’s screen,

•                   Skip the additional services and confirm your check-in,

•                   Then click the Print button and obtain your boarding pass.

Hence, these are the methods by which you can obtain your boarding pass for the LOT flight. At your convenience, you can choose whether you like to check in online or at the airport. If you are facing some issue in check-in for the flight, you must dial the LOT phone number instantly. A representative will connect with you, solve the issue, and help you check in for your booked flight on time.