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With the advent of Process automation systems, there is a need for reliable, flexible, and accurate semiconductors are necessary. This multichannel from Autonics SCR power controllers provides reliable and accurate performances for maximum process efficiency and productivity in various industrial systems requiring precise operation and management. 

A simple prototype of Autonics SCR power controllers suppliers is a perfect model for installation in compact spaces with slender body dimensions of approximately 105 mm width. The LED display unit permits actual-time monitoring of control input, load voltage, load current, load power, load resistance, and heat-sink temperature. It possesses a soft start, soft up/down, and alarm functions.

Benefits of SCR Power Controllers India

  • This device is compact width size of approximately 50-60 mm and It will support both phase control and variable zero-cross cycle control methods for control of various load types
  • This Digital Power Controllers offer optimal and stable power control with less noise interference
  • Possible to install the control unit independently
  • Easy to fuse renewal application and maintenance.
  • SCR power controllers are predominantly wear-free and have a high-mean-time-failure rate, which means their downtime rate is less.
  • These can control the main four parameters of electricity—voltage, current, or power—from zero to 100 percent with an unlimited resolution
  • The SCR power controllers have high-accuracy digital power control with a high-speed CPU, and possess excellent speed


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