A Facebook page is essential for communicating with your customers, prospects, and partners. However, it takes work to build a community from scratch. So, how can you get more fans on your Facebook page?

Tip #1 – Post Engaging Content

Let's start with this tip, which is nothing but common sense but which few Facebook pages put into practice. To have fans on Facebook, you must publish high-value content on your Facebook page.

After all, why should users follow you on Facebook? Your logo will only attract crowds if you're Coca-Cola or Starbucks. I often compare web communication to seduction. Can you seduce the desired person simply with your pretty face? There is very little chance! You must be patient, highlight your qualities, and tell a story that arouses interest and makes you want to know more about yourself. On Facebook, it's precisely the same.

The first tip to have more fans on Facebook is to publish engaging content that will be liked, commented on, and shared on the social network. For content to be engaging, it must be unique and have high added value.

Content with high added value must meet at least one of the following purposes: entertain, inform, solve, and educate. Want more fans on Facebook? Ask yourself before each publication what it can bring to your fans. If the answer is nothing, abstain!

Tip #2 – Post content regularly

When clients ask me to support them in their communication on Facebook, they complain about needing more fans on their page. After a few seconds of discussion, I very often notice that he makes the same mistake: he posts on his Facebook page when he has time, sometimes ten posts in a week and sometimes nothing for several months. I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea.

To have more fans on your Facebook page, you need to work on an editorial calendar allowing you to publish regularly (and effectively!). By regularly, I mean two things: an appropriate volume of publications and a frequency of publication set like clockwork.

The volume of publications on your Facebook page is decisive: if you don't publish enough, users won't see you, and if you post too much, you will piss off your fans!

Frequently, it's about setting up appointments with your fans so that your Facebook page becomes part of their daily life. For my clients, for example, I like to publish “The Tip of the week” in their field of activity every week at a fixed day and time. It's a meeting that their fans appreciate; it has become part of their habits.

Tip #3 – Exchange with your fans

If you have followed the previous two tips, posts on your Facebook page should generate engagement and comments. Don't leave these comments unanswered; interact with your fans, ask them questions, and fuel the debate. At least remember to thank your fans for their comments.

Earlier, we saw that there were more than 60 million Facebook pages. However, 87% of fan posts on these pages must be answered. Do you want to stand out and attract more fans to your Facebook page? Reply to your fans!

Tip #4 – Make Live Videos

In an age of perpetual connection, of smartphones, of excessive publication of content (we speak of infobesity), video is an essential communication lever. In this situation, Live Video on Facebook – Facebook Live – is a real opportunity.

Live video allows you to broadcast unique content and interact with your fans, who ask questions and give you their feedback in real-time. It's a great way to engage your fans and gain traction.

In addition, after the live broadcast, the video remains available, and you can highlight it on your Facebook page. Why do without it?

This is not about making it complicated. Do you have a smartphone? You have everything you need to create Live videos on Facebook! You can do tutorials, product demonstrations, tours of your premises… There is no shortage of ideas.

For example, I am currently working on launching a new collective, “The Noobies,” to promote Digital in Le Havre. We are organizing a Web Apéro this evening, during which we plan to do live interviews with the participants, which we will broadcast on the Noobies Facebook page. This will allow those absent to follow the event, and by tagging the interviewed participants, we will ensure a minimum of views and shares!

Tip #5 – Promote your Facebook page everywhere

Any opportunity is good to gain fans on Facebook. And it is not because we are talking about Facebook that promoting it on other levers is impossible. As mentioned above, don't hesitate to promote your Facebook page on your blog or website. Remember to put a Facebook icon somewhere at the head or footer.

Besides that, take advantage of your other social networks to promote your Facebook page. If people follow you in one place, there is no reason why they should not follow you on Facebook as long as you publish unique content on Facebook and not copy and paste what you do on other social networks.

Also, think about your paper communication media to promote your Facebook page. Also, put links in your emails and newsletters. Finally, as with each of my clients, I recommend placing a banner in your signature to encourage your contacts to join you on Facebook.

Tip #6 – Organize competitions

We all love competitions! Now, you see, many Facebook pages organize competitions, and they all look the same. For competitors to allow you to gain fans on Facebook, you will need to show originality and imagination and offer attractive prizes.

Tip #7 – Ask your partners

As we saw in the introduction, everyone is on Facebook: your customers, prospects, suppliers, and, more generally, partners. They, therefore, all have a more or less large community and, like you, need to attract more fans to their Facebook page.

Take advantage of this to organize joint actions with your partners on Facebook. For example, you can relay their publications and comment on them. It's a good start, and it's a safe bet that they will naturally do the same thing on your Facebook page.

You can then publish interviews or even organize Live Videos jointly. As is often the case on social networks, imagination is the key to success, but there are plenty of opportunities!

Tip #8 – Offer exceptional commercial offers for your fans

To thank your fans for their loyalty and commitment and attract new fans, you can reserve commercial offers for your Facebook community. Naturally, you can regularly offer discounts against the presentation of a promotional code, but you can go further by being imaginative.

Recently, I organized an event on the Facebook page of one of my merchant clients: for all customers who took a selfie with the merchant in question and posted it on the latter's Facebook page, they received a mini-candle fragrant. It was a relatively inexpensive operation that attracted around a hundred people to the store one weekend!