Risks and Complications of Breast Reconstruction That You Should Know About. - 4 minutes read

Breast implants are one of the most common surgeries that you will ever come across. But unfortunately, just like you see how common the process has become, the complications that the process welcomes have become all the more common.


For instance, hard breast implants have become one of the most common breast implant complications that you will ever come across. It also includes breast reconstruction implant hardnessBut, the good thing is, trust us when we say that all these complications are no more complicated these days, given the development in the medical field. 


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Now, apart from all these discussions, let us come back to our primary topic of discussion, which is knowing all about the complications of breast reconstruction so that you can be aware of them. So, come, continue reading all about it.


Risks and complications that you should be aware of.


Here is a list of risks and complications that you should be aware of. Come, let us have a look.

Risks and complications 1: Fear of infection 


This is one of the most common fears that anyone with a breast implant can develop. At times, a bacterial infection can seem to develop in the tissue right around the breast implant. This can happen a few days or weeks later, right after you get your surgery done. You need to let your surgeon know about any symptoms you have as a means of safety and protection beforehand.


However, here’s the worst part, at times, you need to even get surgery in order to clean the infected tissues and even replace the implant or remove it completely. Well, it actually depends on the intensity of the infection.


Risks and Complications 2: Fear of Breast Skin Necrosis 


This is probably an elongating issue that you can face as a complication after getting a breast implant. This is also known as tissue expander complications too. However, this problem can occur when the breast skin tends to remain and not heal. But what is the reason behind it?


One of the reasons is that perhaps there is not enough blood that will flow to your skin. And this entire process, this breakdown, and the eventual death of the tissue is known as necrosis.


If you feel like your skin is turning blue or black and you are developing scabs, or perhaps an open wound, and in some worst cases, perhaps both, then it is a symptom that you have developed necrosis of the breast skin.


Sometimes you may even feel that you are sick; maybe you are having a fever. So, if you have recently gone through breast reconstruction and you are going through all such symptoms, it is better to visit a doctor and get them checked.


Risks and complications 3: Capsular Contracture 

Capsular contracture is one of the most common problems that most people go through after breast construction. There are stages of capsular contracture. First, you will be normal, but then you will proceed with breast reconstruction implant hardness


Then, this process will go on, making your days a bit difficult. You will feel chronic pain, even distort the shape of the breast, and can even raise the implant higher on the chest. Well, in some people, the stages of capsular contraction start showing from the early months of breast reconstruction surgery. 


A quick wrap-up! 


Breast reconstruction is one of the common surgeries that most people go through. But, most of the cases do have complications, such as hard Breast non surgical treatment in Orlando. One of the most common breast implant complications includes breast reconstruction implant hardness. 


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