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Tooth decay is one of the significant issues that form over time. The plaque formation, which continues to grow with time, leads to tooth decay. Even if you ask for treatment for your plaque formation from the nearest dental hospital, they will help you only with the professional removal of plaque which could be better when done regularly. On the other hand, when the mouth is full of bacteria, it combines with the food particles in the mouth or teeth structure with the saliva that forms a plaque. Plaque is a sticky material that is hard to remove from the teeth.

How does tooth decay affect your tooth structure?

When you consume extra beverages, sugar, and starch food, you are getting more energy from the carbohydrate, simultaneously creating acid in your mouth and impacting your teeth' structure. This is where you should stop eating such things, including carbonates and acids, as advised by the best dentist in India.

It gets worse, though, when you cannot control your drinking and eating habits, and your teeth start eroding the natural enamel. The continuous erosion of the enamel leads to holes and cavities. Once the cavities are formed, the bacteria and viruses reach the dentin, where the bulk of dental mineralized dental tissues are. Since dentin is the softer part of the tooth, the decay process becomes faster.

Whether you have any plaque formation or dental decay, you can easily reach the best doctors and book doctors appointment online. When you are exposed to bacteria, you cannot do anything rather than have a watchful waiting. Moreover, there are specific known and surprising causes of tooth decay, which are listed below -

Surprising Causes of Tooth Decay (as suggested and advised by the best dentist in India)

Tooth decay gets worse with time; the longer you wait, the faster it spreads and makes the whole mouth structure an area available for the bacteria attack. Sometimes, the symptoms of tooth decay take time to show up, which is why you must seek the help of the nearest dental hospital and guidance regarding what best you can eat. 

Brushing, flossing, eating a healthy diet and drinking water (at least eight glasses per day within the proper gap), etc., may help you with the best precaution against tooth decay. Now, when you are looking for a connection between poor dental hygiene and tooth decay, let's explore further what surprising factors are. Here we present to you essential four elements causing tooth decay -


Even the nearest dental hospital recommends not to smoke when you have throbbing pain in your gums or tooth. Smoking is one of the leading factors that may contribute to bad oral health. It not only affects your lungs but also makes you have bad breath. Bad oral breath is the primary factor contributing to poor oral hygiene. Smoking causes your teeth to be stained, developing the chances of gum cancer and various other gum diseases.

Biting your fingernails

If you have the habit of biting or chewing your nails, you may leave the habit after reading this!

Lots of microscopic bacteria in our nails develop all day long after touching different things. Once you lick your finger, you may feel the bitter taste and the germs get caught in your mouth. A similar situation happens with biting nails. Instead of doing this, you can try squeezing the stress balls or any toy or playing with mud or planting trees- these activities will help you relieve your stress faster.

Bruxism (teeth grinding)

As suggested by the best dentist at the nearest dental hospital, grinding teeth can increase the chances of tooth decay. This can be the symptom of a cracked tooth, jaw pain, and sensitivity in your tooth structure. You can ask the best dentists in India to provide you with night guards so that they can prevent you from grinding and damaging your teeth.

Dry mouth

Having saliva in your mouth is good for oral health, as suggested by the best dentist in India. Having a scarcity of saliva in your mouth means your mouth and your health are not good. This can be the symptom of insufficient blood pressure, bad oral health, poor diabetic condition and other medical causes.

Where can you book doctors appointments online?

Prevention is better than cure- one of the best sayings or idioms that suits everyone's health. If you are good at taking care of your mouth, water drinking capacities and eating habits, you can indeed prevent yourself from future dire circumstances. To seek more knowledge and get the best version of your health, you can book doctors appointment online. The doctor here will teach you the best ways to protect your teeth and how you can further save yourself in the future from painful events.