Do you want healthy and organized pans?!! If so get Omnipan. - 1 minute read

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Omnipan is made with thicker, high-performance silicone that will not sag or fold. You can place it directly into the oven without having a sheet pan underneath.  Omnipan's sturdy frame makes it easy to hold. The dimensions have been designed for uniform heat retention and circulation, so food gets cooked and browned perfectly.

Omnipan's lids allow you to watch food as it cooks and let you see the stored food inside without opening the lid. These lids also have dual steam vents to prevent moisture condensation, steaming food optimally. 

Take an Omnipan set with you to the restaurant and have them pack your food in Omnipan, instead of the disposable containers they use. Eliminate single-use consumables such as plastic bags, take-out containers, and aluminum foil that cannot be recycled. If you get food delivered, transfer it to Omnipan. Enjoy food right out of Omnipan and store the leftovers. You can reheat and eat without having to clean extra plates.

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