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Several studies are expressing a growing concern that after school

programs are pressurizing kids to do too much too soon. They point out

that when a child’s afternoon is filled with classes, trips, sports and

other forms of organized activities, kids do not really get the time to be

just kids. They are even being deprived of the cherished family time.

Undoubtedly, there are children who are being burdened with a schedule

that places too much demand on their time. This leads to increased levels

of stress on the child and the family. As regular studies cannot be

ignored, children are almost always on the run to achieve more. Such

children are really bearing a burden that is too heavy for their frail

little shoulders.

In an ideal world, all children would go home directly after school to

loving and caring parents who are waiting for the children to come home.

But the social and economic realities show that many children have to

attend after school courses because there is no one available at home. For

such children, these classes are a boon.

Parents should however restrain themselves from reading too much into

these activities. After school programs are complimentary in nature. They

give additional support. Therefore, their importance should also be


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