Stripping the Door - 1 minute read

Loosen the hinge pins holding the door in place. Open your door as wide as possible to reveal the hinges holding it to the doorframe. Press a nail to the base of the hinge pin, which will be right on the point where the door pivots open and closed.[tunnel rush] Hit the nail with a hammer until the hinge pin loosens and the top is pushed away from the hinge panels. Repeat with any other hinges on the door.

While taking the door off its hinges will make the painting process much easier, it isn’t absolutely necessary. If you live in a colder climate where it may take longer for the paint to dry, you should paint the door in its frame. Taking an external door out of its frame for several days is unsafe if you cannot control who or what could come inside your house.

It might be safer to paint the door in its frame rather than leaving it off its hinges for several days while it dries fully.