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Best 10 Tips To Win At Hades


Tips and tricks for Hades are in high demand now that Supergiant Games’ divine game has come out of early access and is crushing countless new players with lots of content related to its exponential difficulty curve. We ourselves faced the dangers of the underworld and, after completing the game, found 10 tips we wish we had known at the beginning of our journey. These tips from Hades will put you on the right track at the beginning of the game and help you maximize your resources from the middle to the end of the game. Everything else is up to you and your thumbs.1. At the beginning, focus on collecting the Chthonic Keys.There are a lot of resources in Hades, so it’s not always clear what your priority should be. When starting out, the answer is Chthonic Keys. These keys unlock crucial power-ups for the game, including new weapons and Night Mirror abilities. If you have a choice between keys, gems or gold, always choose keys until your arsenal of weapons and mirrors is maxed out. Eventually, you’ll unlock the option to trade gems for keys from an underworld merchant, so if you find yourself with an excess of gems, you can convert them. That said, you should also make good use of your gems.2. Obtain mandatory upgrades for contractors.Gems and diamonds are mainly used in the Contractor underworld to add new features to your base and new bonuses for future escape attempts. Most of them are small upgrades, such as extra health or resources, but some are absolutely mandatory.First of all, you must obtain the Tartarus source chamber. This will unlock two valuable power-ups: the minor prophecy list, which is actually a series of challenges with great rewards, and the Regional Ranger Collection, which allows you to trade rangers at the end of each region. To get the Ranger Collection, you need to defeat the first boss, but once you level up, this shouldn’t be a problem.Passively completing prophecies will help you unlock many more power-ups, while swapping memories will give you more control over the rewards and help you prepare for the bosses. Incidentally, you should ask the contractor to add the Codex Index of Honors, an indispensable list of all the honors you can get from each god.This is very useful if you’re doing a super specific build that depends on certain blessings. You’ll unlock this contractor job once you get the codex, which you can get by talking to Achilles after a few games. Oh, and we’ve already said it.3. Talk to everyone after every run.Hades is primarily an action game, but it is also rich in narrative content and memorable characters. Talking to these characters can unlock key abilities like the Codex and new options for the Night Mirror. So you should always hit everyone in the underworld after every run. Even if you don’t see a dialogue icon above your head, approach them and have a quick chat if possible. You never know what they will have to say.4. Give everyone at least one nectar.As you talk to everyone, give them at least one of the orange nectars found during the tour. The first time you give one to someone – including the gods, to whom you offer it by throwing the nectar on their sticks before picking them up – they will give you a new souvenir. The more lockets you have, the better, and the ones given to you by the gods are especially valuable because they allow you to control the types of blessings you receive.It is advisable to start with Hypnos, Cerberus, Eurydice (Asphodel’s special vendor) and all the gods, and then build the Guardians, using them as you find them. Eurydice’s memory, in particular, is an advantage in boss battles, especially the last one. And without spoiling anything, if you give the same person a lot of Nectar, something very nice can happen.5. Get to know your special vendorsAbout Eurydice: In Hades, there are three types of special vendors, one for each main region of the underworld. The special vendor in Tartarus is Sisyphus, who will give you health, darkness, or gold. Eurydice in Asphodel will increase your current blessings or improve the rarity of the next three blessings you get.Finally, Patroclus in Elysium can replenish your death challenge (or increase your stubbornness challenge), give you a large amount of passive healing, or temporarily increase your attack damage. The benefits of visiting Sisyphus and Patroclus vary depending on your health, but if you have the opportunity, always visit Eurydice. Her higher rarity will greatly increase the power of your future abilities.6. Don’t underestimate temporary outbreaksThat said, I don’t want to sound like I’m criticizing Patroclus’ temporary surge. It may not permanently improve your equipment, but it can make the next 10 fights much easier and faster, especially boss fights. The same goes for the other temporary upgrades. Charon’s Well trinkets only last a few encounters, but can make a big difference in tougher fights or boss fights.Increasing attacks, special damage or casting damage is always useful, and for the right price, Charon’s Well can even heal you, increase your maximum health, give you more shards for your casting, or replenish your Death Defy Supplement. For a little gold, it’s not a bad deal. If you’re close to a boss fight and you’re low on cash, or you have gold to burn, collect temporary items. They can be real lifesavers.7. Take these items to the night mirrorFinally, we have some combat tips, starting with the night mirror. This is the main way to get stronger out of escape attempts, so you’ll spend a lot of time thinking about power-ups. For the first few hours, we suggest you invest in the following power-ups:* Shadow Presence: increases attack damage and special damage when hitting enemies from behind. A huge bonus for flat damage, easy to use on most buildings.* Superior Reflexes: double dodge from behind. No argument here; unless i-frames are perfect, double dodging is essential to avoid many attacks and dangers, especially in the final fight.* Blood Boiling: Inflicts 50% more attacks and special damage on enemies with a built-in fusion fragment. This allows for a significant increase in damage to individual targets, which is great in boss fights as long as you are not a DPS type cast.* Death Destroyer: respawn once at 50% health. You can accumulate up to three Death Defy rates, and the first one is very cheap, so make sure you get it early. If you lose your Death Defy in the middle of a region, you can find an item in one of Charon’s wells that allows you to recharge it for 200 gold.8. Don’t be afraid to change the bonuses of your Night Wisp.Although we recommend that you invest in the above skills, your Night Wisp is just that: yours. You can change it whenever you want, either because you think other skills are useful for specific weapons or play styles, or because you want to try something different.This is especially important for unlocking secondary mirror abilities (again, talk to everyone about this). The cost of a single Chthonica Key is enough to completely reset your mirror, so don’t worry about getting stuck in a bad build or anything else. As long as you have darkness available, you can experiment to your heart’s content.9. Always use cast.It is easy to have tunnel vision in Hades and focus on attack, special and dodge, but you should never neglect the ability to cast. Regardless of the casting blessing, casting is simply free damage, and if you have Boiling Blood active (which we almost always recommend), hitting an enemy or boss with casting will greatly increase the damage received. It is most powerful against armored or clad enemies, and even the weakest throw will add damage to the mix, so don’t just sit on your hands.10. Get a booster as soon as possibleThis last tip has a small caveat: for a while you will not unlock boosters, the ultimate abilities that charge when you take damage. But once unlocked, you should always try to have a booster in your build. It may not be your first blessing, but getting a callback early will pay off tremendously in the long run.Some calls can make a room disappear on their own, and any call is better than no call. A single charge of a call can make an encounter much easier, while a fully charged call can inflict serious damage on a boss. For an enhanced Call, we are talking about “kill a half-sick boss” type of damage. If we want to play favorites, we highly recommend the Poseidon and Ares Calls for a powerful mix of attack and defense.TO READ MORE :