Work on Your Skills Like Brian Ladin Before Entering the Shipping Industry - 2 minutes read

No matter where you work, you need specific skill sets that help you become and remain a part of the industry. Hard work and dedication remained a crucial skill set for years. But smart working, tactical thinking, strategizing, etc., replaced them all. Similarly, if you want to stay a part of any industry, you have to keep improving your skill set. Just like Brian Ladin, who kept working on his skill set even after introducing his start-up in the shipping industry more than a decade ago. The shipping industry is one of the most unpredictable ones. Therefore, mastering these skills is necessary for anyone seeking growth and opportunity in the industry.


Problem-solving skills play a crucial role here. If you can find a solution to any problem, you may succeed. However, in this industry, you may experience unexpected challenges. Many times, problems may seem out of your hand. Also, there might be the need to solve them quickly. As a professional in the shipping industry, you need to address those problems instead of panicking. You can learn a few tactics from Brian Ladin.

Brian Ladin has been a phenomenal personality in the same industry. He worked in the industry to slowly improve his skills. His problem-solving skills may not be apt from the start. But with years passing by, his skills seemed to flourish. As a result, he is one of the best entrepreneurs with a start-up like Delos Shipping in the shipping industry. His skills and patience were why his start-up worked well and marked a remarkable presence in the industry and market.

Negotiation Skills:

Driving great negotiation skills may help you land incredible deals. Negotiation skills are mandatory if you plan to join the shipping industry. You will talk to people, investors, customers, stakeholders, etc. These people need a solid reason to make a deal with you and your business.

Working on your skills, like Brian Ladin may help you grow in your field. Your negotiation skills will improve if you work on them every day like him. For instance, you can call others who can benefit your business in the industry , like Brian, who still makes personal calls to investors, partners, etc. It has been years since he started his firm in the industry. Still, he doesn't depend on others for contact and negotiation but himself. You can follow the same strategy to succeed.

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