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Cool mood lighting is a must for perfecting the ambiance in any room. That’s true whether you’re looking for lighting in your new office space or searching for that perfect glow around your headboard. And mood lighting, as its name suggests, can genuinely impact how you feel no matter where or how you use it. Read on to discover how lighting can affect your mood and find seven cool mood lighting ideas to add to your interior design.

How does color lighting affect mood?

Depending on the color of the lighting you use, your surroundings might impact you entirely differently. Where one color might help you feel relaxed, another could boost your energy levels. Read on to discover how you can use different colors to elicit a certain mood.

The right shade can influence your perception. Colored lighting can bring a different ambiance into your home. More accurately, different colors can affect your mood differently. For example, blue hues can boost relaxation and help you get work done. White or yellow shades, on the other hand, are better for vigorous activity and can make it difficult to fall asleep at night.

The lighting temperature can further sway your mood. Like the air, lighting colors have temperatures. Warm lighting tends to be yellow, orange, or red in hue, whereas cool lighting is more white or blue. Warm lights are associated with relaxation and can calm you after a long day. Cool white lights can do the opposite. That’s why they can be great for office settings. They can help you stay alert and focused instead of hitting that midday slump.

7 cool mood lighting ideas

Now that you’re aware of how colors can affect your mood, you’re ready to consider some cool mood lighting ideas. From LEDs to mood lamps, your new fixtures should fit flawlessly into any interior space. Here are seven ways you can add cool mood lighting to your home, office, or anywhere else you spend time indoors.

1. String lights

These long strings of LEDs are a perfect solution if you’re looking to establish a romantic setting without any installation. With colors such as warm yellow or white, you can create a peaceful and beautiful glow for your next cozy night at home. You can also choose colorful string lights to transform your space into a tranquil space of celebration and comfort. Hang these fixtures above your bed, on the ceiling, or outside on your patio.

2. Color-changing lights

Color-changing lights give you the power to transform the mood in your room with the push of a button. Some of these fixtures can display just a few colors, but the best models let you choose from pretty much every color on the rainbow. That means literally millions of color options for all occasions, whether you’re going for an entrancing calm or a transcendent yoga session.

The BlissRadia ambient light is a great example. This smart mood light diffuses soft, colorful hues in your indoor space right from your phone screen. With the Bliss lights app, you can see your room in a whole new way – relaxing, inspiring, stimulating, you name it. You can also set automatic on/off timers, adjust the brightness, and set fluctuating color gradients right from your phone. It gives mood lighting a whole new meaning.

3. Blue neon light

Since blue can be a calming, destressing color, consider a blue neon light as a cool mood-setter for rest and relaxation. Look for a fun, funky blue neon light that’ll help you see your room in a whole new light. From a custom sign with your name to your favorite food outlined in neon blue, there’s a neon fixture for everyone.

4. LED strip light

If you want to glam up your space for cheap, LED strip lighting is a tried-and-true option. Whether under your kitchen counter or your bed frame, these LEDs can reinvent any dark, boring space as a five-star hotel experience. With just the push of a button, most models can switch from classic white to a pop of pink or green. In just seconds, you’ll be mentally elsewhere without going anywhere at all.

The BlissGlow is an especially modern way to transform your surroundings with strip lighting. You can immerse yourself in the full rainbow with BlissGlow, which can shine in a dozen colors at once. You can also segment your light strip’s colors right from the Bliss lights app, giving you the power to instantly reimagine your world. The app is also home to BlissGlow customization features and music-sensing effects to match whatever cool mood you’re setting.

5. Turquoise lights

Turquoise can be calming and cooling like the best blue hues. If you love reading before bed or establishing a few minutes of “zen” before the day begins, turquoise lights let you do that without all the stimulation of white light. Ditch the LED bulbs that’ll keep you up for hours on end for twinkling turquoise fixtures over your bed or strips that can go around your bed frame. You’ll enjoy a gentle glow as you start your day, drift off to sleep, or do any other activity in between.

7. Aurora borealis projector

There are fewer natural occurrences cooler than the famed northern lights. On one hand, this is true literally: The aurora borealis can only be seen from the world’s most frigid parts. And figuratively, what’s more, astonishing and engrossing than seeing green waves dash through the sky?

You no longer have to travel to the cold ends of the earth to enjoy this stunning display. The Ark Ambient Aurora Light projects gently oscillating green auroras against a blue background right in your home. With three brightness settings, multiple effects, and an adjustable arc design, you’ll be instantly transported miles away without moving an inch. You’ll enjoy your own peaceful ambiance just moments after pushing the button.


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