Reduce Drinking in Just 7 Days. - 3 minutes read

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Perhaps, this is your first time to decide that you are already going to quit drinking alcoholic beverages. The very big step to begin this process is that you stop alcohol cravings. If you are an active drinker, dealing with the cravings are easy but what about now that you are detoxifying and currently undergoing alcohol abuse treatment?

You are aware that giving up on a craving by getting just one drink can always lead to a full-scale relapse. This means that the effort you've done for the past days or weeks or months are wasted. Anyway, you should not let this happen so make sure to utilize the available products and methods to stop alcohol cravings.

One method is to have an alcohol abuse therapy. There are some treatment centers that can help you through the modifications of your particular drinking conditions where you see alcohol as a reward for some of the things you do. By revising these conditions and assisting the patient's brain to adapt to a new behavior is very effective in staying sober. The treatment is called cognitive behavioral therapy where it helps the dependent patient to learn new ways on how to behave and react without including alcohol.

You can also use medications to help with the problem on dealing with your alcohol cravings. Most of these available drugs are formulated to control specific neuro-receptors that are accountable for your cravings. However, these drugs are not effective to everyone. A small percentage of patients who have tried these drugs feel that their cravings are not reduced.

Another effective method is to be educated on what prolonged and excessive alcohol consumption can do to a person's body. A lot of alcoholics are not aware of the effects of alcohol to the brain and body. It is best to inform these people about the neurochemistry of alcoholism. If a person knows more about the negative effects of alcohol abuse, the person is more apt to do the hard choice of quitting drinking.

Proper nutrition is also an important factor for the success of recovering from alcoholic abuse since alcoholics neglect most of their nutritional needs when taking alcohol. The calories from alcohol are already enough to make one satisfied and forget hunger. There are even times that an alcoholic prefer to drink than eat. However, alcohol has no nutrients and the alcohol that gets into the body is immediately converted into sugar. Because of the increase of sugar levels into the blood, the alcoholic gains a feeling of comfort. However, since no carbohydrates or proteins are consumed and the alcohol is burned down rapidly such that the sugar level dramatically falls, the alcoholic becomes weak, shaky and anxious like a very hungry person. That's why a lot of alcoholics need vitamin supplements when they undergo treatments so that it can help them during the healing process.

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