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TL;DR: Educate yourself on business entities, taxes, and more with the Complete Learn How to Start a Business course for $24.99, an 87% savings as of Oct. 18.

You don't need official statistics to know there has been a spike in independent (mostly online) businesses since the pandemic struck. Just take a quick look at your Instagram feed. You've probably noticed your friends kickstarting their own ventures, whether that's selling handcrafted goods or starting a freelance writing venture. Challenging economic times are at least good for the entrepreneurial spirit, right?

If you happen to be inspired to start something but have no idea how to go about actually launching a business when it comes to legal designations, the Complete Learn How to Start a Business Course is a great blueprint. For only $25, the course dispenses nine hours of lectures and insights about the logistics of setting up your business.

Think of it as an investment in yourself. This course isn't just about surface-level concepts. It gets into the nitty-gritty difference between all the different types of business entities and the tax implications that follow. That way you'll know what to expect when Uncle Sam calls. You'll also understand the risks and protections of different entity types, which are also vital to consider.

Plus, you can trust all the included information is coming from a reliable source as the instructor, Todd McLead, is a tenured college professor with 18 years of teaching under his belt. You'll also have lifetime access to the coursework, so you can always return to it as your entrepreneurial journey continues for years to come.

Whatever type of business you're thinking of starting, the course will equip you with knowledge so you can select the correct entity for your endeavor. Plus, you'll have the information you need to avoid costly taxation issues down the line.

Typically this course costs $200, but you can grab the course on sale for only $24.99.

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