Corporate Photography for Corporate Events - 3 minutes read

Several big and small corporate companies have made Seattle their base and conduct their operations from this city. Corporate offices often host Corporate events, and Corporate photographers must cover these functions.

Depending on the size of the Corporate company and the nature of their business, several kinds of corporate events are being organized. The proceedings, highlights, and people attending these events are filmed and photographed by Corporate Photographers.

These are some of the most common kinds of Corporate events organized by Corporate Offices.

  • Conferences and Seminars- Conferences and seminars constitute the majority of corporate events. Seminars are usually short events that can wrap up in a couple of hours. On the other hand, a conference may go on for several days. Corporate photographers in Seattle are hired to take photographs of such events to use them for advertising and broadcasting amongst employees, board members, and maybe even stakeholders.
  • Executive retreats and Incentive programs- Large corporate companies who have a large employee base sometimes organize these incentive programs for their employees. Corporate event photographs are hired for the entire program duration to keep a record for future reference. Employees are sometimes also given copies of the photos as keepsakes.
  • Company milestone events are usually organized on a mass scale, and depending on the size of the corporate company, all employees and clients may be invited. Such corporate events are an excellent opportunity for corporate photographers as their work will be viewed by a large group of people, which would help establish their network. 
  • Team building events-  Establishing solid bonds within a team and creating a feeling of camaraderie is significant for the smooth functioning of a corporate company. Various team-building events may be organized, and Seattle Corporate Event Photographers are hired to photograph the event.
  • Product launches- Events organized to announce the launch of a new product are often the biggest of all Corporate events. The media may be invited to cover such events to inform the industry of the launch. Multiple Corporate event photographers are sometimes hired to film and take photographs at such events.  
  • Shareholder and Board Meetings- These corporate events are relatively small and more private. However, Corporate photographers are needed to take photographs that may later be published on the company website or in their annual reports.
  • Charity Events- Corporate companies are often associated with one or more charities. When the Corporate Office organizes a charity event, corporate photographers are most definitely deployed to take photos. When published, these photographs help build brand image and create market presence.
  • Rewards and Recognition Events- Rewards and recognition for hard work done by employees is essential to boost employee morale. Corporate photographers are especially needed at such events so that honored and awarded employees are photographed and commemorated. Employees appreciate being photographed while they are receiving their awards.

How can one be a good Corporate Photographer?

  • Since corporate events are set up in a professional setting, attendees may feel self-conscious. It is the responsibility of the corporate photographer to help the people feel comfortable while being photographed.
  • Depending on the corporate event venue, photographers may have to go equipped to take photographs in poor lighting. A seasoned photographer will go prepared for all contingencies.
  • An experienced corporate photographer will keep their eyes open. They will wait for the perfect opportunity to take photos of the most significant moments of the event rather than clicking random images.
  • Corporate events can go on for several hours, if not several days. Corporate photographers must come prepared for all eventualities. Batteries, extra flash, lights, backup camera, lenses, and memory cards are some things that the photographer must always have extra of.
  • The edited photos sent to the company will reflect your work as they will speak volumes about your skill and expertise. 

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