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Summary: Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that aims to smooth and firm the abdominal area. You can go Aspen Center Orlando Florida for this surgery. Stomach muscles can weaken due to various causes, such as obesity, pregnancy, and childbirth and except that,

• Aging

• Heredity

• Pregnancy

• Surgical procedures before this

• Changes in body weight


Tips for a Successful Abdominoplasty Recovery

Here are some tips to avoid Abdominoplasty pain

  • It can take anywhere from four to eight weeks, depending on the patient's progress when it comes to recovery. Still, the patient can resume their everyday life within four weeks if they take the necessary precautions and visit the medical centre regularly.

  • After an Abdominoplasty procedure, the patient must wear a corset for six consecutive weeks, unless extreme circumstances include taking a bath. This corset helps reduce the swellings caused by the procedure. Abdominal swelling occurs immediately following surgery and lasts for the first four days. Corseting helps reduce swelling and keep the abdomen and waist in their new, more defined positions after surgery by holding them in place for six weeks.

  • Refraining from any strenuous physical activity, such as working hard or swimming, may cause the wound to take longer to heal or result in a recurrence of the injury, so the patient must make a firm commitment to rest.

  • It's essential for the patient's recovery that they sleep in a particular position, and the doctor will instruct them how to do so using medical pillows. The patient will continue to sleep in this position until the end of their recovery period, and the wound has healed completely.

  • After an Abdominoplasty procedure, the patient should avoid lifting or bend for at least eight weeks.

  • Some bruises fade away after antibiotics are taken, and the patient must take the medical drugs prescribed by the doctor for a week after the operation; this includes the painkillers and antibiotics.

  • After the Abdominoplasty procedure, the female patient must abstain from pregnancy, as pregnancy damages the system and hurts the desired results.

  • Do not remove silicone tubes for at least a week until fluid discharges decrease and the tube becomes a conduit for removing liquids from the wound area. This period varies based on the number of fluids and the patient's health.

  • To maintain the results, patients can resume light sports such as running or walking for half an hour a day after the eight-week recovery period is over.



If you're considering a full-body tummy-tuck, it's essential to know that no decision is a passive one. While your doctor can help, you will also have to help.

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