How Artists Can Transition into the Business World - 1 minute read

The creator economy has given many young people an opportunity to eschew a more traditional career path and monetize their talents via social media. But, what if, you’ve discovered your priorities have evolved and you are now considering a job in the business world?  The daunting process of reassessing your goals and then converting your value to this new space can feel overwhelming. Despite the challenges you may initially feel, your experience has likely yielded a lifetime of valuable skills that can be translated into any role you wish to pursue next. Among the top three are: a growth mindset, a bias for innovative action, and intrinsic motivation. If you can learn how to apply these skills to other roles, you’ll stand out from your peers.

Source: Harvard Business Review

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Vipin Agarwal commented on How Artists Can Transition into the Business World about 1 month ago

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