Follow users who follow your competition. - 5 minutes read

You need to find people who follow other brands to get more followers on Instagram. Who are your biggest competitors on Instagram? Write them down. Then, browse their posts to see who is commenting on those posts. Follow these users and interact with them.

Remember that when choosing competitors on Instagram, it's better to focus on the smaller brands. Why? Let's say you sell makeup brushes. In this case, you should not contact people who leave comments on L'Oréal. Although it is the same niche, there is a risk that you will not reach the right audience. More prominent brands are often characterized by higher customer loyalty.

However, if you choose a competitor with 100,000 or fewer Instagram followers, they may be less brand loyal.

Don't bother them with ads when commenting on posts from people you follow. Likewise, use a different comment for every person you write to. You should answer appropriately if a user asks a question in their post. Look at the types of comments others make. This can then serve as a guideline for your post.

As you continue to interact with and follow other users, you will soon get more Instagram followers.

More followers on Instagram with influencers

To get more Instagram likes and followers, consider collaborating with influencers. , For example, these could include mentioning your products in your posts or doing an "Instagram takeover" of your accounts for a limited period.

If an influencer has a loyal following, they can give a so-called “shoutout,” i.e., mention your product or show it in an image. This can then lead to new followers and perhaps even generate sales.

In any case, you should conclude a contract prohibiting the influencer from using fake traffic. We once worked with an influencer who gave us just such a shoutout. The result was 2,000 new followers, but unfortunately, they were all fake. It was obvious that a bot was at work here. If you experience a sudden influx of fake followers on your profile, you are at risk of having your account suspended.

If you're looking for a more practical approach to getting new followers, ask a select influencer to do an account takeover for your Instagram Stories. With this strategy, people must follow your profile to see the story. Ideally, the influencer informs their audience about the promotion a few days before.

Organizing giveaways

If you have a small audience on Instagram, you can use giveaways to get more Instagram followers. However, if you host such promotions on your website and offer an option to follow you on Instagram and other social networks, you will have a much broader reach.

Alternatively, you can also publish your giveaway in specific Facebook groups or on specific giveaway blogs.

When I started my career in marketing, I turned to giveaway blogs like this. I sent them some free products in exchange for a review post. Most were okay with the free product. But some also demanded additional payment. In return, a product review article with pictures and a product review was published. Ultimately, readers could participate in a raffle to win the featured product.

The only condition was that you had to send the product to the winner yourself. This enabled us to gain hundreds of new followers across our social media profiles. If you still need to develop your audience, this is an effective way to get new Instagram followers. However, remember this strategy is less targeted than a giveaway on an appropriate niche blog.

So, when you're just starting, giveaways will surely get you more Instagram followers. However, if you use this strategy too often, you may not build the audience you want. To generate sales, you will need more than giveaways to get them. But this strategy can work quite well if you want to get more Instagram followers quickly.

Collaborations with other brands and users

Instagram is now very competitive. So it's not just you who wants to gain new Instagram subscribers on the platform, but countless others. But that doesn't mean you must fight your way through as a lone fighter. Instead, collaborations are an effective way to increase your reach and gain new Insta followers. In practice, there are various options for this:

First, give other users a shoutout in your posts. It's most effective when you pass on something with added value via the relevant account. Communicate what it's about, show pictures, and encourage your users to follow.

With any luck, the user or brand will notice this and give you a shoutout, too. If that doesn't happen, you can also be proactive and send a DM pointing out your shoutout. Please mention directly that you would be happy to receive a similar shoutout.

Another possibility is genuine cooperation with other users. You could join a joint project if you are in the same niche and address the same target group. Post something on the same topic or meet in real life and post photos of your meeting. You then simultaneously publish corresponding posts mentioning the partner account. And who knows, this could lead to long-term cooperation.

Get Instagram followers through offline meetups

Why not bring digital into the real world? Offline meetups are an excellent way to connect with other influencers, bloggers, or brands. Even if this is the first time you have thought of this route, there are more events in this direction than you think. This includes influencer meetings, bar camps, marketing fairs, social media conferences, or local events.

It's worth researching. Given the circumstances, many of these events will also take place virtually. This means you don't even have to travel to another city to participate (which doesn't do justice to the term "offline" anymore).