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TL;DR: Learn how to master real-life business concepts with the Haroun Education Ventures MBA Degree Programâ„¢ for $399, a 20% savings as of June 2.

Most MBA programs focus on theoretical concepts that are irrelevant to the real-world of business. Not to mention attending a typical MBA program can often cost an arm and a leg, and then some.

That's why the Haroun Education Ventures MBA Degree Program exists: to offer an alternative approach to business education for people with busy schedules and limited budgets. You can master the most important, real-life business concepts at your own pace in less than one year. With more than 400-hours of content, you will learn how to network, present persuasively, write business documents, manage your money, grow a company, and so much more. Upon completion, you will receive an MBA Degree from Haroun Education Ventures without even having to take time off of work.

Normally, this program would cost you $499, but, you can slash 20% off that price for a total of $399.

Considering top MBA programs in the United States costs as much as $100,000 (or more), this is a small price to pay for some serious career-boosting knowledge.

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