Experience Hotels in Wildlife Heaven Called Bandhavgarh - 4 minutes read

Maati jungle lodge

A remote destination and truly wild boasts of the best in the hospitality trade. Bandhavgarh is a tiger heaven and a birder's paradise. Situated in district of Umaria in Madhya Pradesh or Central India the destination is populated by a regular horde of tourists which arrive from far and wide. When you arrive here you cof me to know instantly the meaning of remote destinations. Cut off from urbanity and seconded by small hamlets and townships the National Park offers succor to wild denizens in isolation, peace and serenity. Incredible as it may sound the park is one of the most popular holiday destinations in India.

Tigers flourish here in wild abundance along with plethora of mammalian, reptilian and insect species. The canopy is loaded with wide variety of herbs, shrubs, tall stands, grasslands and bamboo which accord the picturesque park with colorful attire. Biodiversity is absolutely striking and the ancient monuments paint the picture with esoteric dots that adds to the saga of internecine wars leading to frequent conquests. The fort built by the tribal rulers now stands in ruins but does not fail to deliver complete history of sordid saga of death and destruction. All that is past now the turbulent history has come to a halt and the destination is now a tiger reserve and a National Park. The place is now a conservation unit meant to save the precious tiger from extinction. With long efforts the management has been able to save the big cats and their population is growing. The benefits have percolated to the ecosystem as whole, and showered all life forms with unprecedented blessing for long life and permanency perhaps forever.

In order to experience this rejuvenation tourists come in large numbers every year to see the tiger in the wild as well. The tiger safaris are one of the most enjoyable aspect of the holidays in these wild precincts. Another aspect of the holiday that is often overlooked is the stay in the surroundings empowered by nature at its best. Yes a wonderful stay in one of the premium lodges at Bandhavgarh is what makes you experience of the wild haven complete. The destination not only welcomes holiday makers on fun spree but attracts nature photographers, filmmakers and wildlife enthusiasts as well. Hence a serious milieu of tourists assemble at this destination and requires all kind of services during the safari and they are not disappointed.

Bandhavgarh has many wildlife resorts or hotels in the outer ring of the jungles called buffer zone. These properties are spread over the main road and remote villages neighboring the National Park. But the availability of modern amenities in classy setups, great service, lip smacking traditional and continental cuisine coupled serenity and peace will surprise no end. Most of the high end resorts adorn a traditional makeup embellished by modern showpieces as well as traditional artifacts. The asymmetry is surprising but the way it gels with the wild surroundings does not. In fact you feel equally at home in the modern architectural setups shaped a traditional to gel with the pristine forests on hill tracts of the reserve.

The luxuries equal that of urban accommodation be it climate control, cool pool, well stocked library, find dine restaurant, ensuite bath with jacuzzi. But what you will not experience in urban hotels is the rooftop open air showers, open air sleeping quarters, sit outs, hammock under the yonder blue sky, bush dinners, traditionally flavoured barbecued kebabs, high tea by the stream, lunch by the pool, and pictures and sounds of nature at your doorstep. The friendly staff always attentive and courteous has a tale or two to enthrall you with their wild encounters. You can hear the tiger roar, see deer moving in the premises and perhaps a leopard sulking around in between the numerous trees lined up to welcome the guests.

You are always surrounded by the aroma of the dense jungles overflowing with fresh air and feel of the tigerland. The sound of birds accords company in absolute silence harmonious and sonorous. A wild holiday at a resort accommodation in Bandhavgarh is a unique experience in Central India. Book your stay now after reading reviews and seeking referrals make sure you stay at the finest hotel in Bandhavgarh National Park. Come be a part of picture book settings in a fairy tale land of extreme delights.