What time does the UFL Open Beta start? - 2 minutes read

What time does the UFL Open Beta start?

Today is UFL day, you may already have seen lots of streamers playing it and waxing lyrical about the challenger to EAFC, heck EA Sports even reacted by adding lots of new stuff last night to its own game in a bid to keep people in their money-making ecosystem.

Hopefully, you have already pre-loaded the UFL open beta on your PlayStation or Xbox to get ahead of the game if there are any server issues as you will only have access for a couple of days.

When the game launches though it will be free-to-play so that is something to look forward to in a world of $90 plus microtransactions galore soccer games.

When can I play the UFL beta?

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โ€” UFL () June 7, 2024

The UFLgame account on X has posted the above handy map to show what time you will be able to jump into the game in your region.

London is looking at a 1 PM start while West Coast USA is 5 AM.

Hereโ€™s the full list of time zones we have.

L.A โ€“ 5 am PDT
Chicago 7 am CDT
Lima 7 am โ€“ GMT -5
New York โ€“ 8 am EDT
Rio โ€“ 9 am โ€“ GMT -3
Buenos Aires โ€“ 9 am โ€“ GMT -3
London โ€“ 1pm โ€“ BST
Madrid โ€“ 2 pm โ€“ CEST
Berlin โ€“ 2 pm โ€“ CEST
Istanbul โ€“ 3 pm โ€“ GMT +3
Dubai โ€“ 4 pm โ€“ GMT +4

So not too long to wait now if you are looking to maximize your in-game time and see what UFL has to offer.

Hopefully, there wonโ€™t be any server issues with jumping into playing but if there are it will likely only be initially as everybody tries to all pile in at the same time, so if you are struggling we advise checking back an hour or so later.

Letโ€™s see if EAFC really has a challenge on its hands before the next version comes out in a few months time.

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