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Microblading by SIX AIT leaves the consumer with crisp, skinny lines that mix seamlessly together with your real hair. Microblading is supposed to be a perfected, natural sweetening to form the vision of fuller brows. it's the proper resolution for those that wish to completely reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or provisory man over plucked brows.

We concentrate on making natural, realistic trying eyebrows that you simply will come to life with quotidian, with no fuss or trouble on your half. We give a customized" exchange" service wherever the main focus is fully on you. we tend to do our topmost to assure that you simply will not feel hurried or hasty as we tend to take the maximum amount time prorenata to make sure that you simply get the simplest doable result. we tend to perform our craft in an exceedingly heat & sociable factory fluently settled on the side of Delhi whereas a lot of of our people is from thetri- state space, we tend to square measure proud to be ready to host a global table of shoppers that hail from the so important pealed of the world.

Crown micropigmentation, or SMP, may be a extremely effective thanks to address hair loss. For those laid low with dilution hair or phalacrosis, AN SMP treatment will grease to revive each confidence and elevation. not like standard strategies like rugs or rugs , SMP really addresses the underpinning causes of hair loss by exploitation tattoo ways to

form the aesthetics of thicker, fuller hair. this could be truly helpful for each men and ladies WHO square measure addressing hair loss or mottled phalacrosis. At Arch Angels, we give progressive crown micropigmentation services that use solely the simplest in colors, needles, and ministry. whether or not you ’re trying to monstrously abolish a retreating hairline or simply add some refined volume to dilution areas of your crown, our tough team is also to produce you with the lasting resolution you would like. thus why stay? Contact Delhi these days and let’s launch on restoring your confidence with a relief hairline tattoo!

What affects the cost of microblading?

It is difficult to make beautiful and high-quality microblading.

A micro blading specialist should consider:

·oiliness of the client's skin,

·the depth of pigments in the skin,

·Work with the correct needles.

All these factors affect the cost of microblading.

It can take anywhere between INR 7,000 - 10,000/- for the complete 1 to 3 Session eyebrow microblading procedure.

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