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Organic chemistry conference

Even though you love chemistry, there are moments when you want to avoid working. For that all-too-frequent occurrence of the “26th International Conference on Organic and Inorganic Chemistry,” the new series of symposia that aims to bring together researchers from a wide cross-section of the chemical sciences community was held at the end of October. It was our annual symposium. The symposium will feature eminent academics from a variety of disciplines as the invited Speakers, Delegates, Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Media partners. It will focus on the most recent research that opens up new frontiers and boundaries within the chemical sciences and presents new concepts.


We sincerely hope you appreciate this collection, and we look forward to meeting you at the symposium on October 24-25, 2022. At the northern end of Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland is the city of Zurich, a major hub for banking and finance. On each side of the Limmat River, the charming alleyways that make up the historic Altstadt (Old Town) are a reflection of the area's pre-medieval past.

Bioorganic and Biochemistry

Combining organic chemistry with biochemistry, bioorganic chemistry is a rapidly expanding scientific field. It is that area of life science that is concerned with investigating biological processes through the use of chemicals. Examples of these processes include the action of proteins and enzymes. Sometimes, the terms "biochemistry" and "bioorganic chemistry" are used synonymously.

The goal of biochemistry is to use chemistry to understand biological processes; bioorganic chemistry seeks to apply organic-chemical studies on structures, synthesis, and kinetics to biology. Bioinorganic and bioorganic chemistry coexist while studying metalloenzymes and cofactors.

In order to achieve this, it is important to bring into the light and disseminate outstanding research and development results to the world instantaneously the latest advances in the domain of Bioorganic & Organic Chemistry.


For the last 10 years, researchers have been studying plant phytochemicals in great detail since they have an effect on the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and functional food businesses. Before being formally employed as pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compounds, many of these secondary plant metabolites are studied from initial identification through an advanced clinical study.

Potential topics could be: 

• Unexplored edible or inedible underutilized plants; 

• Qualitative and quantitative research of phytochemicals in underutilized plants; 

• Phytochemical analysis with associated bioactivities.

Market Analysis of 2022

With a compound yearly growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9%, the worldwide chemicals market is predicted to increase from $4,241.18 billion in 2021 to $4,620.17 billion in 2022. At a CAGR of 8.4%, the market is anticipated to increase to $6,371.09 billion in 2026.

The primary categories of chemicals include general chemical goods, printing inks, toiletries, soap and cleaning agents, adhesives, paints and coatings, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals, chemical fertilizers, synthetic rubber and fibers, plastic materials and resins, ethyl alcohol and other basic categories of organic and inorganic chemicals, synthetic dye and pigment, industrial gas, and petrochemicals. A pigment or pigments of the desired hue coupled with oil or varnish make up printing ink, which is the ink used in printing. Ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, and methanol are examples of intermediate compounds. The end-users concerned include those in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, water treatment, paint and dye, oil and gas, rubber chemical, surfactant, personal care, and other industries. 

Market to Reach $6,371.09 Billion in 2026 at 8.4% CAGR.


By attending a conference, you get the opportunity to network with senior professionals and professors as well as more experienced researchers. Listening to speeches and presentations might introduce you to fresh perspectives on a certain subject or even inspire you to come up with an original thought. You can also submit your Abstract to us.

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