Male Enhancement History - 2 minutes read


In this MySpace era, people believe that the advent of male enhancement started only a few decades ago when men began to notice their need to enlarge their penises for the sake of stimulating their sexual performance.

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But historians claim that the history of male enhancement can be traced back when empires were still ruled by old kings with their harems and when the patriarchal society is dominant.

In ancient Greece for instance, male enhancement was done in the reverse as those men with smaller penises were considered as more superior than those with bigger ones. To make their penises healthy and maintain the sizes, the Greeks at that time started the genital exercises with the main goal of maintaining them as small as possible.

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During that time, the male enhancement concept was to stay as healthy as possible. So men would tie ribbons on their penises to stretch the prepuce over the glans.

But about two thousand years ago, some tribes in Africa conceptualized another method for male enhancement. These tribes would hang weight on their penises to make them bigger. This practice was also shared by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt who believed that bigger penises could result in better sexual pleasures.

But the Chinese were the first ones to use herbal substances for penis enlargement. It was in China where the use of ginseng and vohimbe as medicines started and the practice has continued until the present time.

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The penis exercises method, on the other hand, started in the Arabian peninsula where men were taught about jelqing, the process of massaging penis that were semi-erect in a rhythmic motion to increase blood pressure within the shaft that in stretching the tissues.