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As veganism gains in popularity around the world, it’s becoming easier than ever to eat plant-based foods when traveling. Berlin is not only a vegan foodie paradise, but a hub for vegan activism. There are so many vegan-friendly restaurants to choose from I think it’s safe to say the days of ordering a boring lettuce salad and a side of fries are over, at least in Berlin. Here are some delicious options to get you started.

Chimneys Chimneys ice cream in Berlin; by Miriam PorterMiriam Porter

I walked miles on a hot summer day in search of my very first Chimneys ice cream cake and it was totally worth it. This fully vegan café is what dessert dreams are made of. They don’t advertise as vegan, so I kept double-checking with the staff to be sure. Everything here is indeed made from plants, and they also use a lot of regional and organic ingredients, making them one of the most popular dessert places in Berlin.

Chimneys interior in Berlin; by Miriam PorterMiriam Porter

Classic chimneys cakes are filled with homemade vegan soft ice cream and loaded with toppings right before your eyes. I asked the server to go slowly so I could film it all happening. The original cake comes with cinnamon and sugar topping, strawberry and vanilla soft serve, caramel sauce, and topped with brittle and a strawberry. I need to return one day for the rainbow cake.

Hummus & Friends Hummus & Friends vegan meal option; by Miriam PorterMiriam Porter

Hummus & Friends was a short walk from my hotel and I discovered them via Google maps. Their food is vegetarian (and kosher) and since I was dining alone, I took my food to go that night. But not before I scanned the chic and trendy restaurant including their huge decorative white candles and the perfect slogan - “Make hummus, not walls.”

Hummus & Friends interior, Berlin; by Miriam PorterMiriam Porter

The fun and casual vibes were matched by friendly staff and, after a great chat that ended with extra pita in my bag, I was pretty happy. There are lots of vegan options here, including mushroom hummus, avocado hummus, beetroot hummus, assorted salads, and vegan lemon cake. This franchise restaurant came to Berlin by two Israeli brothers.

Dean & David Dean & David vegan food bowl by Miriam Porter, in Berlin Miriam Porter

I stumbled upon Dean & David when I was out exploring the city alone and got hungry. They are not a vegan restaurant, but I was thrilled with their plant-based options such as their Vegan Buddha Bowl packed with grilled veggies, sweet potato chunks, beets, edamame, walnuts, and whole grain rice. I ordered the Vegan Falafel Bowl to go in their sustainable box and it was loaded with healthy goodness, including falafel, creamy hummus, juicy pomegranate seeds, beets, fresh mint, and warm quinoa. You can also create your own salad or bowl and choose all your favorites. Their mission is uncompromising freshness and they use carefully selected high-quality ingredients prepared by hand.

Vedang Corridor of the Mall of Berlin, a very large shopping mall in Leipziger Platz in quite a central ... [+] area of the German capital, it opened in 2014getty

Vedang, located in the Mall of Berlin, is home to flavorful fast food, vegan style. They serve several vegan burgers such as the Beyond Smash Burger, Angry Chick Burger, and Cheesy Burger – with everything made from plants. This plant-based and sustainable burger joint also has Vish & Chips (no fish harmed), Chilli Cheesy Fries, some salad options, and vanilla creamy soft serve for dessert. Order your meal at the counter and enjoy it in the food court.

Plant Base Vegan granola bowl, carrot salmon bagel and a tofu scramble dish at Plant Base in Berlin. Katarzyna Salata

Plant Base is a vegan café and bookstore by day before it turns into a trendy event space at night. There are cooking classes, a vegan book club, nutrition talks, screenings, and social nights – the perfect place to meet like-minded people. If I ever return to Berlin I’ll check out their delicious breakfast selections, such as a bagel with cream cheeze, carrot salmon, salad, capers, onion, and dill. Their tofu scramble dishes and granola bowls look delicious. All the food here is vegan, homemade, and as local as possible. They even have their own cookbook that you can purchase through their website.

Brammibal’s Donuts Vegan donut at Brammibal’s Donuts in Berlin; by Miriam PorterMiriam Porter

When I first heard about Brammibal’s Donuts from locals I met in Berlin, I couldn’t believe all their donuts were vegan – but they are! Every mouthwatering donut is totally plant-based and picture-perfect. They have monthly specials of seasonal donuts and their classics include salted caramel and strawberry sprinkles, and special flavors include apple pie and blueberry lemon cheesecake. You may as well order a box since it’s so hard to choose just one. They also serve coffee with oat milk and have a charity donut as a way to give back to the community. For every Strawberry Sprinkle donut sold this year, they donate some of the funds to make the world “a more inclusive, impactful and sustainable place.”

Source: Forbes

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