If you are a parent and your children are reaching the age to obtain a teen driver's permit, now is your time to lead by example. A good driver is characterized by having many qualities, among them: responsibility. Every good example begins with oneself. So we have valuable information on how to be a better driver and thus inspire your teenage son or daughter to drive like you. 

Requirements to obtain a driver's license in Dallas

As everyone knows, driving laws vary by state. This time we are going to focus on Dallas. But if you live in another state, do not hesitate to look for valid information for you.

According to DMV (Drivers Motor Vehicle), there is a list of steps to follow to prepare your adolescent son or daughter for this new stage of their life. However, every family is different and a teen may be driving for different reasons. 

If your teen wants to get a permit, they need to understand that driving is a privilege, and it comes with many responsibilities. With this said, the steps to follow are the following:

  • Be at least 14 years old. 
  • Request a driver's license or Real ID application .
  • A parent or legal guardian signing the authorization.
  • A legal identification document accepted by DMV.
  • Forms confirming pre-test preparation classes and driving hours. 
  • Approach the DMV closest to you in person with complete documentation and a confirmed appointment.

Hours behind the Wheel

The DMV guide will help you understand in detail all the previous steps before your teen driving test. But let's talk about the hours behind the wheel or -behind the wheel- so that the DMV allows you and validates your ability to drive a car. 

The hours requested so that you can take the exam are 50 hours in total, within them there must be 10 hours at night. 

Permit for Minors

To obtain a minor's permit you must be at least 15 ½ years old and obtain the signature of your parent or legal guardian on the application.

If you are between the ages of 15 ½ and 17 ½ you must obtain the certificate that you completed the driving course or prove that you are enrolled in a driver's education class. 

If you are 17 ½ you can get your teen driver's license without having obtained the aforementioned certificates, but you will not be able to get your driver's license until you are 18 years old.

Your responsibility as a parent 

Teaching your teenager to drive is a stage that neither of you will forget. It can be stressful at the time, but it is a key point in your child's story. Remember that they also taught you how to drive and you know firsthand the nerves that this brings.

Here are some tips for you to pass on to your children.


At this point we are going to be extremely cautious. There is no way your son can use his cell phone while he is behind the wheel. Exceptions are: call 9-1-1, call the fire department, or call an ambulance. No more. No calls, no alarms, no music.


We do not intend to tell you how to be the father of the year, but if there is something clear, it is that when you are driving, the last thing you need is for your parents to yell at you. The stress level for a teenager is high enough to add disconcerting screaming. Stay calm and make things clear, they will understand and feel your calm too. 


According to Abogados de Accidentes de Carro en Dallas, at least in Dallas, the process of obtaining a formal document such as a driver's license, Real ID, and even a teen driver's permit, can become an errand that lasts hours. As an adult, we recommend that you make the appointment yourself. Also that you are the one who schedules the appointment at the DMV and creates the online account. 

While teens are especially tech-savvy, they have a lot to keep up with and you better keep a schedule while they focus on driving. 

What To Do In Cases Of Accidents With A Driving License For Teenagers

As a parent, you are fully responsible for your child. And when it comes to your teen driving permit, you are no exception. By this we mean that by signing your driver's permit, you are responsible for the actions that come once your teen is behind the wheel. 

If your teen was in an accident with you in the car, or without you, you should call an attorney immediately. If you need legal advice to deal with your case, you should call your local Dallas accident lawyer to discuss about your case and thus start working on the best possible solution. 

We understand that an accident causes fear, anger and pain. Do not worry that we will treat your case with the necessary understanding. 

However, as part of the training guide for parents and teens in Dallas, they emphasize the point of talking with your teen before starting the tour and making sure that their emotions are where they belong. If you notice that your teenager is feeling sad, upset or nervous, it is better that you talk to him or her and pause the process, until she can concentrate solely on the road.