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Suffering from back or neck pain, headache, or related problems are common. These problems are not just a result of a stressful life but also the unhealthy food that we consume. To improve your overall health, chiropractic treatment is one of the best options that you can think of. Of course, a healthy daily routine is a blessing to your health improvement, but this treatment is a plus. 


So, if you are from California, and seeking the best San Jose chiropractic service, then you must visit Back to Back Chiro now. They are the best provider of San Jose chiropractic careThey know how to serve the best and surely is the best San Jose family chiropractor


Now, given such a reputation, it is quite important to know about them and their services. So, let us start by getting to know them first. 


What should you know about San Jose chiropractic care? 

The San Jose chiropractic care is one of the best care centers where Drs. Neol, and Meronea Chivers, a team of loving husband and wife, put in their best to serve the community of San Jose. The center aims to treat the community’s health conditions, such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis, arthritis, and even headaches, lower back pain, arm and leg pain, and shoulder pain. 


From their experience, they have learned that not all pains are a result of past injury, and therefore, they listen to their patients keenly before serving them and providing them with the best treatment plan. They know that it is quite essential for every patient to be free from pain, and thus serve you quick results. 


Drs. Neol and Meronea Chivers always try to provide patients with a full recovery as quickly as possible, and they also have achieved success in treating sports and athletic injuries and relieving them from extreme pain. 


Now, let us discuss the services you can get at this San Jose chiropractic care center. 


Services that you can get at Back to Back Chiro! 

So many services surround the entire chiropractic branch, and you can get plenty of them from San Jose family chiropractor at Back to Back Chiro. Let’s have a close look. 


Services # 1: Voodoo Floss 

At the Back to Back Chiropractic service center, you can get specialized manual treatment, including soft tissue mobilization. This aims to restore the mobility and flexibility of your target area up to a normal range. With the Voodoo band, this treatment is made much easier. 


This latex rubber band helps in providing compression when it is wrapped around the problematic area so as to mobilize the tissue. This also helps in decreasing the pain. This can provide a pressure sensation to the skin, thereby blocking the pain signal and providing relief. 


Services # 2: Cold Laser Therapy! 

Cold laser therapy is one of the best effective, non-invasive treatments that aim to eliminate any chronic or acute pain or swelling. With the help of this cold therapy, you can also treat your reduced sperm.  


If you are a patient of arthritis or suffering from tendonitis or whiplash, you can visit Back to Back for this treatment. Here, the best San Jose family chiropractor will help you with your problems, and you will love it. 


Service # 3: Hip Pain 

Hip pain is very common, and people who suffer from acute stress are likely to go through hip pain. But, no worries, at Back to Back Chiro, you will have the best treatment with effective treatment without medication or any surgery. 


The San Jose chiropractic service aims to provide complete chiropractic treatment without further suffering but with quick relief. 


A quick wrap-up! 

So, when you are suffering from pain, it is always better to choose chiropractic treatment before trying out medication or surgery. Studies have shown medicines can have side effects, and so can surgery. But with chiropractic services, you will have quick pain relief and a bare minimum chance of having side effects.


But, given the success of Back to Back Chiro and the expertise of Drs. Neol, and Meronea Chivers, you will face no problems in the future.