Unknown Painters to Discover is the exciting Way Ahead for both New and Veteran Collectors - 3 minutes read

Everyone loves art but collectors invest with many different perspectives. Some choose a work of art just because it is of a certain type, like of a current abstract expressionist artist. Others buy art as an investment following the advice of those they consider experts. Others are seeking something striking and inspirational for their home or office. Each collector makes different choices for different reasons. It is to your advantage, however, to look at unknown painters to discover, whose work is original, compelling, and experimental. And, naturally, whose art has the potential to provide a good return on investment over time. Whatever the reason behind purchasing a piece of art, investing in abstract artists on their road to recognition is worth consideration.

Here are the Top 3 reasons that make purchasing from an emerging current abstract expressionist artist a great idea.

Top Reason #1:The abstract artists to discover offer visual excitement and are enjoyable and often profitable to collect

When buying work from abstract artists on their road to recognition, a crucial point that most people don't realize is that the most valuable artwork is almost always the earliest. At the onset of an artist's career, they're often more experimental, trying various methods and materials. The early work provides deep insight into the way they are finding their personal language. You get a unique piece of art with a unique style that can create significant value and boost the collectability of the whole portfolio. You never know if the emerging current abstract expressionist artist you have invested in could become the next Soutine, Gorky or Rothko. You could have purchased the emerging artist's piece of art at a very reasonable cost, but down the line, can you imagine its value? This is one of the significant advantages behind investing in unknown artists yet to be discovered.

Top Reason #2: The talented new abstract painters are visionary and innovative

How do you recognize a renowned artist's work even without reading their name? Through their unique style, the way they handle the materials that they choose to work in. Over time, each artist develops a type of language that becomes their trademark, some develop several over their lifetime. However, abstract artists to discover are creative, innovative, daring, and unrecognizable. They have yet to discover and settle into a signature style. Hence, when you invest in the artist’s early work, you are buying something that is certain to become a rarity.

Top Reason # 3: Earlier works of unknown artists who are yet to be discovered reveal future artistic directions

The visual artists to watch are doing a lot of experimentation while on their journey to be discovered. The talented new abstract painters are just beginning to discover what works. They are not yet working with a sure hand. They are busy innovating, and that can naturally create a lot of value in the marketplace over time.