How to Optimize Android for Gaming? - 3 minutes read

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The Google Play Store has given so much to its users. While you are in the middle of your favorite game, you really don't want your phone to interrupt your fights or attacks, especially when a high score is waiting for next door. Well, every electronic device comes with a tendency to slow down after a period of utilization. Not just for Android, this holds true for every other gadget or smartphone available today.

Despite being the most popular mobile operating system, Android has a few lagging issues. What could be the reasons behind the slow performance of Android devices, even if they are new?

Let's not talk about high-end Android smartphones, everyone cannot have them. So, here are some manual steps to optimize your lagging Android smartphone for a better gaming experience:

Uninstall Irrelevant Applications: Try to get rid of unwanted applications, such as bloatware or other applications that you rarely use. It increases the storage space on your Android device.

Turn-off Animations: The joy that Android supports live wallpapers sometimes converts to annoyance. Live wallpapers and animations also consume battery. To really boost up your device's performance, try to avoid live wallpapers and this enhances the battery back-up as well.

Boost RAM Memory: Even if your device is sitting idle, there might be some apps running in the background without your knowledge. By closing these apps, you can save the smartphone's resources. Free RAM on your device instantly increases the overall performance.

Identify Resource-Appealing Apps: Some apps cause a huge battery drop. Live widgets, push notifications, background syncs and background running apps badly affect your device's processor. Your phone may suffer noticeable lags while running multiple applications. Identify and delete these resource-hungry applications to release RAM.

Clean Junk: Timely optimize your Android device to clean up junk files or temporary files. Either do it manually or you can also go for any app that deletes the junk to boost the device's performance.

Boost Battery Power: To improve the overall device's performance, the battery should be kept charged as well. Playing games with low battery can cause some serious lags to your Android smartphone. A processor wouldn't be able to perform well with a drained battery. With the help of some apps, you can increase the battery's life by 50%.

Adjust Graphics Settings: Playing HD games on a phone with decent specifications can be a challenging task. For a better gaming experience, adjust the graphics settings from heavy to medium; or to the settings match up with your device's specifications. By doing so, you can prevent some serious glitches while scoring heavy numbers in your favorite game.

Update to the Recent Version: Every app update comes with minor bug fixes and several attractive features. Acquire the habit of reading user reviews before downloading any app. And, keep updating the games you have installed on your Android device.

Instead of manually discovering the space-hogging and irrelevant applications, you can use any free tool that performs this task and enables you to clean up your phone easily.

One can clean one's smartphone by using any free cleaning app such as Android Cleaner. It is the best Android cleaning app that I found on Google Play Store. The app will not only optimize but also speed up your Android.

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