What Should You Know About The Thangka Art Painting In The USA? - 4 minutes read

Did you know that Thangka paintings are one of the oldest traditional forms of Tibetan Buddhism? But exactly what is a Thangka art painting in the USA? Well, it is none other than an illustrated biography that talks about the life of Lord Buddha. These Buddhist scriptures let people know about Buddha’s life from his birth to the enlightenment phase. But well, now, in these modern times, it is no longer just made for the Tibetan Buddhists.

They have made their name worldwide because of their beauty and artistry. And be it hand-made or via any digital medium, you can get the best collections of these paintings at the Sacred Art of Nepal. Starting from the white tara Thangka painting to the Lord Buddha classical painting, you will get everything here at the best affordable price.


It is known that these paintings of Buddha have now become one of the most popular art forms. There are different types of these Thangka paintings, but then again, all of them tend to outspeak one simple theme: the journey of Buddha’s life from birth to enlightenment. Different paintings portray different scenarios of Buddha’s life. Some of them show his birth, some visualize the picturesque of his enlightenment, while some others show the precious last moments of his life, which in other terms is known as parinirvana.

On the other hand, some other paintings keep their focus on some specific teachings of Lord Buddha, while some others portray the art of meditation associated with Buddhism, such as Samatha or the calm abiding or Vipassana which is the insight meditation.


If you are an admirer of Buddhist arts or want to keep them at your place for the well-being of your house, then you might get the best piece of Thangka art painting in the USA from the best online gallery of Sacred Art of Nepal. And here, you will get a variety of collections, so let us talk about some of them.


The Variety Of Paintings That Are Offered At The Sacred Art Of Nepal

The following types of paintings are known to be the current offerings at the Sacred Art of Nepal. So, let us see what they are:


Mantra Mandalas 

It is a Tibetan Buddhist cultural tradition that if the mantras are chanted thrice every day, it will bring you good health and wealth. And with the same thought, the mantra mandalas are created. It is thought that these mandalas being present in households improves the condition of every house and brings happiness. There are different types of these mandalas. They have everything from the Dragon Om Mani Padme Hum to the Giant Lotus Buddha Eyes Mandala, from Om Flower Mandala to the Black and Gold Kalachakra Mandala. Every type of Thangka art painting in the USA is found here in the Sacred Art of Nepal art gallery.


Sacred Geometrical Paintings 

The sacred geometrical paintings are made with the basic thought that God is the ultimate creator of the universe. And the geometrical figures involved in the making of the paintings are often considered to be the geometrical figures used in the construction of several mosques, churches, alters, and others. They are considered to be spiritual art and thus attributed to the holy concept of what is believed that God geometricizes continually. So, if you purchase the mini red Kalachakra Mandala, then you would know that the geometrical representation of this art is believed to be inspired by the holiness of the Dalai Lama.


Celestial Beings 

These are the types of paintings that show a clear representation of Lord Buddha’s life. You will find the Lord Buddha classical painting and even some showing the meditative posture of Lord Buddha. Some show the journey of enlightenment of Lord Buddha. From the green tara with dragon and peacock to the white tara Thangka painting, you will find everything of your choice here at the Sacred Art of Nepal.



If you are an admirer of Buddhism too and a believer of the Om Mani Padme Hum, then don’t wait anymore. Visit the online art gallery of the Sacred Art of Nepal and buy your favorite Thangka art painting in the USA at the best price.