MoRe 2.0 Conference Will Review Housing Rental Scam Offenses - 3 minutes read

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Renting a house or an apartment is a tedious process that requires caution and research. Many scammers use desperate and uninformed renters to scam them of their money and cause tremendous hardship for their victims. It is why MoRe 2.0 Conference will highlight housing rental scam offenses in its upcoming 2023 edition. To avoid falling prey to these schemes, renters must know what to look for and be vigilant in the search process


A housing rental scam is when someone pretends to be a property owner or agent to get unsuspecting tenants to pay money without intending to give them a place to stay. The perpetrators of these schemes may use false information about the property or may even fabricate a fake lease. The primary purpose of this scam is to take the money and disappear, leaving the tenant in the lurch.

Housing Rental Scams in the US are common and costly if one falls victim to them. Renters should be wary of fraudulent landlords who claim to sell or rent an apartment or home at a meager price. They often do this to take advantage of people who need housing. MoRe 2.0 Conference will address signs to watch out for when identifying a housing rental scam. Let’s quickly learn about a few.

1. Unrealistic Rental Price

 When an apartment or house’s rental price appears too good to be real, it probably is. Unsuspecting victims often find that the promised prices are way below the going rate for similar units. Always compare prices of units in the same area to ensure you’re not being taken advantage of.

2. Asking For A Deposit In Advance

When looking for housing, paying a deposit or other fee when applying for the unit is common. However, be suspicious if a landlord insists on collecting a deposit before meeting you, inspecting the property, or signing a lease. In most cases, this is an attempt to trick you into giving your money.

3. Misleading Listings And Photos

 A landlord may make the property appear much more excellent than it is by posting photos or a listing with inaccurate or outdated information. Ask for photos of the interior, as well as of the surrounding neighborhood. You can also get an in-person tour to understand the living situation better.

4. Lack Of Documentation

 Be wary of any landlord who can’t or won’t provide you with paperwork. Ask for proof that they are legally authorized to rent out the unit and any related documents, such as a rental agreement. Also, ask for references and proof that they own the property.

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