Why You Should Install Invisible Grilles For Your Home in Singapore - 5 minutes read

invisible grilles are one of the best options for window grilles. They have been dominating the grill market in Singapore for the past five years. It is necessary to state that they are not really invisible, but they have a much more aesthetic appeal than traditional window grilles. Their innovative design has been one of the reasons for their success in these past years. They offer a lot of advantages in comparison to traditional window grilles. Here are some reasons why they are a great option for your home:

1. There is no view obstruction.

Imagine you wake up each morning, and your window offers you a magnificent view. Wouldn't it be unfortunate to not be able to drink your morning coffee with that awesome view? Invisible grilles offer you an unobstructed sight that will drastically increase the appeal of your window view. They are not made of ordinary metal. Invisible grilles are almost transparent, meaning you will have the clearest view of whatever is happening outside.

2. Neat and decorative

Invisible grilles can be made for the most modern styles. They can be a cherry on the top of your amazing interior since they add a certain amount of twenty-first-century style. Their modern appeal will certainly add a lot of elegance and beauty to your room.

3. Effortless installation

The invisible grilles are very easy to install. If you want to change your grilles because you got bored of your previous design, you will not be faced with a strenuous job. Their simplicity is one of the main reasons for their success-boom in recent years.

4. Most invisible grilles do not rust

Since invisible grilles are made out of stainless steel, they are not as vulnerable to rusting as other grilles made out of traditional metal. Most of the time, invisible grilles are encased in either plastic or rubber in order to add extra protection.

5. Installation of alarm systems

In order to enhance security, and unnoticeable alarm system can be very easily installed onto your invisible grilles. Any intruder that breaks into the surveillance system will be very easily noticed. This will provide the added safety necessary for living a life full of harmony.

As it is with any other product on the market, many people will question the safety of these grilles. However, calling these grilles unsafe is a very big misunderstanding. Many people with kids or pets fear for their safety. Invisible grilles however are very hard to cut or break. Since they are made of hard, stainless steel, invisible grilles with 2mm thickness can easily hold a weight of 100-150 kilograms (200-300 pounds). Certain grilles that have a 2.3mm thickness can even hold weights up to 234 kilograms. Do you kid? Do you worry that they may cut the grilles? There is no chance of this happening. These grilles can only be cut using a traditional wire cutter, meaning that they are vulnerable only to burglars.

This is the main reason why it is recommended to install safety when installing invisible grilles it is necessary to avoid making the following mistakes:

Installing grilles that do not match your furniture

As I stated above, the grilles should be an addition to your interior, acting as a cherry on top. Before installing them, make sure you analyze your furniture, as well as the general appearance of your home. Please make sure you make extensive research on the Internet and look for some creative ideas in multiple magazines. When invisible grilles match perfectly with your furniture, your home will receive a more appealing and aesthetic look, as well as a design that is relatively unique.

Ignoring your window measurements.

This is one of the things that is usually pushed aside and disregarded. However, the size of your window plays a crucial role in the type of invisible grilles that should be installed in your home. Installing grilles that match perfectly with the size of your window will provide your home with a very proportional asset. To better understand the best grilles for your home, it is necessary to visit multiple stores that will provide you with a big number of designs so that you will have multiple options to choose from. It is also advisable to seek advice from multiple professionals, such as civil engineers or architects.

Ignoring the structure of your building.

This is one of the mistakes that is made the most often. I cannot stress how important this aspect is. The structure of the building that you are living in will dictate the type of grilles that you need to install. For example, concrete buildings require invisible grilles that are made out of heavier materials. However, these grilles made out of heavy materials will not work best with buildings made out of lighter materials, such as wood. If the grilles are too heavy for the building material, eventually they will start to stress and miniature cracks will start to appear in the building. This can eventually lead to catastrophic damages. Professional help will be necessary for this aspect.

Avoiding the mistakes I mentioned above will definitely provide you with easier maintenance for your invisible grilles. Since they have a sturdy nature, getting top-caliber grilles will leave you with a promise of long-term quality and integrity. In Singapore, there are multiple stores that offer a variety of invisible grilles. This means that you will have multiple options when choosing the best ones for your home. All you need to do is to follow all of the aforementioned tips and avoid the stated mistakes.

All You Need to Know About Invisible grille

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