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How to Prepare for the Next Big Earthquake

When Jacob Margolis felt the biggest earthquake to rumble across Southern California in decades, he didn’t panic. He didn’t jump up to check on his 18-month-old in another room.

“We need to sit here,” Mr. Margolis thought. “Everything is going to be totally fine.”

If you’re now thinking that this guy knows something you don’t, you’re probably right.

Mr. Margolis, a journalist with KPCC, spent months researching what to do when a major quake hits for the podcast he hosts, aptly titled, “The Big One.” (You can listen to all the episodes here. Each one also includes a helpful resource guide.)

Over the weekend, I asked Mr. Margolis for some advice. Here’s what he said:

Do not run to the nearest doorway when you feel shaking.

Mr. Margolis said the idea that doorways are the safest parts of buildings is a persistent myth that seems to be traceable back to the 1800s, when the doorway of an adobe housewas the only thing left standing after a big quake.

Source: The New York Times

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