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Regardless of gender, social class, or nationality, rare are those who escape the trauma of the breakup. And, among these rejected souls, it is not unusual to note this resolution to win back your ex.

So, as the clock strikes the end of your romantic relationship, you fall apart.

Still, under the shock of the announcement, you only aspire to find your couple. How did it all happen, take such a turn?

What can you hold on to today to pick yourself up? Indeed, these feelings for your now ex are not dead, far from it. They continue to exist against all odds.

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You absolutely cannot imagine a life without your ex, who is now an integral part of it. Only then, the race against time has begun. Even if your ex has been clear about the breakup. In order to minimize any risk of seeing the chosen one of his heart escape definitively, one goal: to get his ex back, because the great love should never stop

check here are the 4 essential steps to get your ex back!

Step 1: Accept the breakup

Step 2: Avoid Bans

Step 3: Radio Silence

Step 4: Reconnect with your ex

Step 1 - Accept the breakup

The day after the breakup

The first moments, the first days are the hardest. In a second, everything around you fell apart, leaving you heartbroken.

Your loving world is no longer, and your landmarks and projects of the past are now part of the past . All of a sudden, the being you loved is no longer part of your life , but has disappeared to other horizons.

Besides the feelings you have, it is above all about your world which is totally turned upside down. Turned upside down, you don't know what meaning to give it .

How to overcome a romantic breakup when it has shattered your happiness?

So, little by little, you literally feel yourself falling apart. As if the walls of your universe inevitably melt and sink, taking you in their wake. Only, is it really inevitable ?

After a romantic breakup , do we have to go through this stage of infinite sadness , of terrible suffering? Can we not also refuse to let ourselves fall into this bottomless pit? Whether your goal is to get your ex back, in the short term or in the long run, today this romantic depression is by no means inevitable . On the contrary, it is up to you to avoid this voluntary shipwreck at all costs in order to set sail.

And, to this end, we provide you with all our advice and efficiency. So, how do you get over a breakup to win back your ex? Start by understanding it !

Common reasons for breaking up  

Despite the uniqueness of each breakup, many of the reasons have a common root . Generally, this is how the reasons that led to the end of your relationship can be gathered as a family .

However, this remains the only major common point between each situation, since then, the factors influencing the separation are innumerable. Although it is to replay a difficult episode, this analysis is necessary to accept the breakup .

Betrayals in the couple

And to start on this theme, what else than the hideously notorious infidelity in love . Everyone dreads it , like a shadow that hovers, an eventuality that remains in the corner. Whether it was on your side or hers, clearly, she brought about the breakup.

The trust was broken , jealousy has emerged. How to rebuild after such a betrayal? This is how the loved one prefers not to just try. Too much effort for so few guarantees… What if, in addition, this infidelity was only the first of a long list? No, definitely, it is better to stop there .

Or there is this famous phrase that scares us so much, "I met someone" . This propels us directly to the place of the fifth wheel of the coach, the one who is in excess in the story . To get your ex back, you'll have to start by outdoing the other . This individual who therefore dared to join in without asking and stealing your happiness from you.

These unmet needs

And then, sometimes, it's not because of someone else. Just somehow the couple in crisis that you formed was not satisfying him . It must be said that, despite all the poetry of the image, living on love and fresh water only exists in books. A love story, she talks about , a little every day. If we want to make it last, we polish it , we take care of every nook and cranny.

Concretely, we should not hope that the other is eternally satisfied with your mutual feelings. Thus, it is essential that everyone pays constant attention to the needs and desires of the other. Frequently, routine is a real murderer of the couple. Little by little, we lock ourselves in a morbid boredom . However, the attachment for the other remains despite everything. But what's the point of continuing a story if it is to feel like you're missing out on your life ?

This is the state of mind your ex can be in. Or, on the contrary, you wanted to do too much . You followed it, watched it and choked it . Even as a couple, even at different levels, everyone needs their space , their independence. If you take it away from him,  you are robbing him of his freedom . When your ex really needed some space .

That you step aside for good to allow him to breathe . And then, there is also the fear of commitment . The one where the other doubts your story, to the point of not knowing if it is worth it . This fear of seeing his independence, his space gradually fly away . But where does this apprehension , sometimes a real phobia, come from? You should know that, very often, this comes from past experience .

Whether it's an old story that has gone horribly wrong , or a poor parenting role model. Don't blame yourself for every evil, it's probably not your fault here . However, to get your ex back, it is then necessary to get down to understanding the how and why. At this stage, getting your ex back is of course not impossible. However, we will have to invest to prove to him that we can give him something else.

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And, of course, clashes of all kinds should be added to this list, a torque problem like any other. Of course, it is useless to deny that, in a couple, certain altercations are almost inevitable .

Indeed, nothing could be more normal, given that we cannot be in constant agreement on everything. In a way, this is a sign of good health of the couple , testifying to the communication of this one. However, the line between  so-called healthy arguments and others can be thin. Thus, sometimes it is enough to let it slip out of control for things to escalate inexorably. Resulting then, in the worst case scenario, in a romantic breakup.

At the same time, what could be seen as a simple difference can, over time, become a real incompatibility . At the start of the relationship, she was perhaps considered a wealth of the couple . But, gradually, it can become a wide gap between everyone.

And getting your ex back can then turn out to be an obstacle course. Consequently, it will then be appropriate to ask the real tangibility of the couple. Especially, if this one is really worth the effort and the effort .

Learn to relativize

Today you are swimming in an ocean of tears , of despair, of pleadings, even if they only appear in your head.

The first concern is none other than trying to get your ex back . Which then implies understanding why the breakup. Unfortunately, in your current heartache , there is no room for sympathy towards your ex.

And to conceive that he or she could have defensible reasons for rupture is still beyond comprehension. Yet who has not been in the position of the initiator of the separation ?

Who has never suffered, to procrastinate inwardly on the validity of it? Therefore, logically, you should be able to understand that this pain is not one-sided. Even if, in a way, we also find in your ex a form of relief . That of having finally told you the bad news .

To get to the point of making the other suffer despite everything, the situation had become intolerable . So, don't just focus on your pain, but also think about the pain opposite .

How to think before you act

While sympathy for your ex may not turn the page , it does at least help you put things in perspective . And, in such an emotionally heavy situation , nothing beats the effort to step back on it.

Of course, you will continue to face the constant cries of suffering from your heart for this as well. Unfortunately, this one will have no use for your reason. Because, after a breakup, if you want to get your ex back, your heart will take over.

At least, if you don't make the immense effort to reason with it all day long. Only then, he will also be your best enemy in winning back your ex. Indeed, it is then governed by desire and impatience . Even if it means ruining everything under the pressure of haste .

But don't forget that your reason will take the time to analyze each element . Thus, she will know what needs to be improved and which aspects of the relationship to work on to get her ex back . However, it is essential to also provide some recommendations before trying to get your ex back at all costs.

For example, is your ex really worth it ? As for your relationship, how long did it last? Since the one that only lasted a few days or weeks probably just didn't make sense.

Or, are the obstacles your relationship has encountered really surmountable ? Unfortunately, sometimes, you have to face the facts : it is not always possible to save your marriage . Of course, in all objectivity, a breakup and reconciliation are not at all incompatible.

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Step 2: Avoid The Prohibited

Now, after you think it over, you know it. Getting your ex back becomes the priority . Nevertheless, there is the art and the manner . Under the influence of emotion, the day after the breakup, we quickly commit prohibitions . But although they are not without consequences , they are not necessarily irreversible.

Introduction to prohibitions

But, concretely, what is a prohibition ? Within the framework of the reconquest of love , a prohibition is neither more nor less than an action based purely on the emotional one .

And, in other words, in the overwhelming majority of cases, it causes a negative reaction in the ex. Also, it can take various and varied forms, leaving no one safe . So, if ever one of the following prohibitions crossed your mind, forget it immediately!

These emotional excesses

For starters, the most common twist is the emotional excess expressed towards the ex in question. While we are not against self-expression, we might as well do it in a controlled manner .

Or else, the after-effects are likely to be very regrettable . So, in the best case scenario, you've simply cried bitterly in front of your ex . You even begged him to give you another chance , without trying to go too far.

But you could also have made threats , blackmail to suicide , even harassment . And no, then that's really not a good idea .

Especially if you only want to get your ex back. Because, concretely, what will your ex deduce from it ? Do you sincerely think that your tears will coax him ?

That your threats will rekindle his feelings for you? Or, that harassment will work perfectly to get you back with your ex ? No, it's hard to do worse to win back your ex.

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Explanations, discussions, arguments

Then, we think less about the harmfulness of this ban, but yet… Why try to negotiate a new love story?

Of course, you can chat with your ex to understand the reasons for the breakup. Moreover, we go as far as advising him , to get his ex back as if to turn the page. However, do you really think that if you push a little harder, your ex is going to be convinced ?

Even with the best arguments in the world? In such a scenario, you have to put yourself in his shoes . Already, making the decision to break up was difficult enough.

Now, will he have to face your arguments ? Unfortunately, you are more likely to suffocate him than to persuade him or her. And without making him want to come back as a couple with you.


Another consequence of the breakup is the desperate desire to please in order to win back your ex.

The reason is simple: by doing everything to please him, you raise his esteem.

Which then says a possible new chance. But in reality, at best, your ex is going to feel embarrassed by so much attention from you. Sure, he or she might accept your gift , but that's only to feel even more guilty . Then, in another extreme, your ex is going to tell himself it's not that bad to have you as an ex. Indeed, you cover him or her with gifts, so why deprive yourself of it ?

Either way, you'll agree that's not what makes you fall in love . Or, materially .

The embarrassing statement

In the aftermath of the separation, in full distress, we all gave in to this reflex . That of abandoning himself to despair by proclaiming his love to his ex. "But I miss my ex , I love him so much and I can't live without!" So, in a story worthy of Romeo and Juliet, it might have worked to get her ex back.

Unfortunately, in a world as real as yours, nothing would scare him or her away anymore . Yes, come to think of it, someone who has just taken the initiative to break up cannot resist your  inflamed declaration of love ? No, be realistic , if this idea crosses your mind, push it back with all your might.

And then, sometimes, under the emotion, it even happens that we go further to win back our ex. After a visit to the jeweler, this is how you end up with a ring in your hand. Yes, you dread the proposal - and with good reason.

Yet you absolutely do not question it. For you, that's all your ex expected , and out of desperation preferred the breakup. Today, the only solution is to ask for his hand . Under the influence of emotion, his dreams finally realized, of course he or she will say yes !

At least that's what you persuaded yourself, in your obsession with getting your ex back . To be completely honest, this marital strategy is the best way to endure a masterful refusal . Finally, in between, we find the dangers of the love letter .

Yes, there are many broken-hearted people who rightly endorse the love letter. Thus, Musset, Flaubert, Hugo… So many authors of romanticism who have praised its qualities , and with good reason. Only, if you want to achieve the same effect as the famous letter from Mr Darcy , by Jane Austen, you still have to write it correctly . According to your prose, it can indeed turn out to be a real slippery slope.

And so, by a bad and cutesy poetry, you run the risk of accumulating all the possible prohibitions. So, if you feel the overwhelming urge to declare your blue flower love in a letter, at least refrain from sending it.

Rather, follow our advice to turn your missive into real artillery to get your ex back .

The promises

Always words, more words, the same words ... This is what your ex could answer you, faced with your eternal promises .

Simply, since separation remains a so-called ultimate solution .

It is only supposed to be taken when nothing is working anymore . So, you promise him efforts, changes, happiness, mountains and wonders? However, most likely, these words will barely touch his ears, while busy (e) that he or she will be not to believe you .

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The perilous letting go

However, if these prohibitions are common, none are systematic as carelessness is. Nothing really surprising about that.

All your bearings having vanished with your ex, you are still thinking about the very meaning of your life . This is how, in the deepest melancholy, you let yourself be lulled by sad and romantic music . Certainly, to celebrate the lost being, this one perfectly matches your mood of the moment. But precisely, don't you feel the fear that it freezes you in your sadness ?

Therefore, force yourself to listen to catchy music instead. Of those that will exhilarate you instead of undermining your morale . Likewise, any addiction such as alcohol , or any major change in your eating and health habits, should absolutely be avoided . No need to explain the reasons in detail, given their obviousness.

Simply, at a point in your life when, under the weight of unhappiness , you almost hope to harm yourself, these habits can be seriously detrimental to you , even harmful.

At the dangerous game of nostalgia

In the same family as romantic music, we also ask for memories of the past , sources of nostalgia that you could well have done without.

So, yes, you are no doubt attached to your old letters, old photos or even your favorite ex-places.

You may have even gone so far as to contact your friends , or you may have tried sleeping with your ex . So let's be clear, put all those memories aside for good .

Avoid thinking about it again while you still feel fragile and dependent. Indeed, it is only so much weight that is holding you back .

These regrettable manipulative strategies

Of course, it is also appropriate that any strategy involving a game of unhealthy manipulation should be forgotten immediately .

Among other things, and in a non-exhaustive list, you can put a cross on everything that is following your ex to fall on it "by chance". Or, fake an accident , or even a suicide attempt to grab their attention on you.

Already, the likelihood of it working like clockwork is close to zero. But in addition, you can be sure that, one day or another, it will turn against you .

Too many bans committed? Here is the magic SMS ©!

As you read these lines, you may realize that you have committed one or more prohibitions. With a crestfallen face, you deduce that all is lost to win back your ex… Rest assured, the risk that it is really too late is low !

However, you will have to start taking serious care of yourself , so as to avoid any further bans in the future. And for that, what better than the magic SMS © , this dressing message to catch up?

This consists of simply sending your ex a message like the following: “Hey! I know it might sound weird to you, but from now on I want to take care of myself. So, I wanted above all to thank you for all these good times spent together. I learned a lot from our relationship, and now I'm moving forward. I hope we will remain friends and that all is well for you! »After the magic SMS © , you can directly engage a Silence Radio .

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Step 3: Radio Silence (SR)

Finally, it's now that you can start the heart of the reconquest , with Silence Radio to get your ex back.

Radio Silence: Definition

As the name suggests, Radio Silence is simply about doing nothing , maintaining an irreproachable silence . Hence, this involves preventing yourself from any message , call , email , etc.

Why ?

This, for the simple first purpose of getting rid of this form of addiction to your ex that is currently torturing you. Yes, you have to be realistic ... In a way, seeing your ex escape you makes you even more "in love" .

And that's how you committed all these prohibitions , in such an uncontrollable way. Logically, without regular news, you will think less and less of your loved one . Therefore, with Silence Radio , surprise your ex by behaving contrary to what you expected .

When he or she thought he had to push you away, now you completely ignore him . So, its conclusion will automatically be that in the end, you were not so emotionally dependent ...

Added to this, the distance and self-inflicted silence will allow you to avoid any further blunders . Because yes, without seeing your ex , the temptation to commit prohibitions gradually vanishes. Finally, temporarily moving away from your ex with Silence Radio is also synonymous with taking a step back .

By avoiding any emotional stimulus, you are giving yourself the opportunity to take time for yourself . This is the best way to understand what you really want .

How? 'Or' What ?

To win back your ex with Silence Radio, you will have understood it, it is a total silence . To do nothing by halves, consider not seeing your friends for a while.

It will only be one less chance for him to hear from you. So you can be sure that at one point or another he or she will have some concerns.

And if you get a message from him, respond , while being as polite but reserved as possible. For a successful Radio Silence, we recommend sticking to it ideally between a week and a month . But don't hesitate to pursue it if you don't feel ready .

The magic letter: all you need to know

But to start a Silence Radio in all beauty, have you thought of the magic letter ? Despite her candid name, she remains one of the best starts to get her ex back.

It is neither more nor less than the letter of the second chance . As for the ultimate rule, this magic letter must absolutely be handwritten .

What are the main components of the magic letter?

As you will have understood, in order to win back your ex, it is essential to express your complete acceptance in this magic letter . To this end, you can start your message with an apology note .

Briefly, apologize for a little mistake on your part, nothing too bad . The next paragraph paints a simple picture of you , having accepted the separation and turned the page .

In this presentation of your new life, there is no point in lying. Simply, focus on recent positive events . A newborn nephew, or an upcoming promotion at work? Any optimism is good to show.

Finally, you can end your magic letter on a new positive note, subtly announcing your Radio Silence. Yes, you both need a little distance and time for each other. However, that doesn't stop you from thinking of each other fondly . Whatever happens, a friendly attachment will endure forever.

Reflections on Silence Radio

During Radio Silence it is then very common to come to new conclusions. Indeed, the distance leads you to think differently , the object of your addiction having moved away.

The illusion of need:

So, after a few days of Silence Radio, you start to really wonder what you are missing . Is it your ex, your life before, or the comfort and affection of your romantic relationship?

Ego and pride:

In the case of a shorter, less intense relationship, you might feel less in love. However, the day after the breakup, you feel devastated. What if this was all the result of an attack on your ego ?

Follow me, I will run away from you:

Known by all, the adage has already been verified on numerous occasions. What if, in reality, it was just seeing your ex running away from you that drove you crazy?


Finally, what if, in the end, getting your ex back wasn't worth it ? Or, what if winning back her ex proved impossible? As painful as it is, this possibility should nevertheless be considered . Then weigh the pros and cons , just in case ...

Your evolution

From that moment on, it is essential to take advantage of Silence Radio to focus on your development . Now you have all of your time to yourself . You might as well make the best use of it ! Therefore, we strongly advise you to start by occupying yourself , by multiplying the activities .

Indeed, the danger today is that disappointment in love and the loss of bearings will hit you head on. Do not get lost in the twists and turns of amorous despair, but get up from your sofa. Cooking lessons, a visit to the museum, a screening at the cinema, or why not volunteering for a charity? The list of possible activities is long, just get started !

As for physical activity , why not start a new sport ? Nothing better to get rid of your bad thoughts , and collect all these hormones of happiness! For example, sign up for a half marathon in a few weeks, enough to train beforehand. Of course, it stands to reason that any other sport or sporting goal will work here. At the same time, comes the thorny subject of new encounters .

Don't panic, it's not about desperately looking for your new prince charming. Simply, even in Silence Radio, when all you think about is winning back your ex, you have to force yourself . Because outside there are a multitude of fantastic singles. Even if you only become friends, you expand your circle of acquaintances .

By discovering new personalities, you satisfy your thirst for social relationships . Not to mention, if your ex finds out, it will only boost your credibility . Finally, if you still feel way too fragile, don't hesitate to ask for help .

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Step 4: Reconnect with your ex

Now you just feel good. Although your feelings for your ex are still strong, you know you are once again fulfilled .

As you will have understood, it is essential to respect the stages of regaining love.

Of course, the goal of getting your ex back is totally relevant. Finally, you are ready to reconnect with your ex. Only, how do you go about pursuing your love reconquest?

Reconnect: the BA BA

As we mentioned previously, it takes at least a week to a month of Silence Radio. However, the important thing is to be sure that you are rid of all symptoms of emotional dependence .

For a successful recovery in love , this also includes any feeling of guilt or inferiority . If these conditions are met, then you may want to consider reconnecting with your ex . Granted, you still love your ex. However, to win back your ex, you have to think about equality .

To hit hard, play on the phone call ; forget about SMS, email, etc. Quite simply, because your ex certainly doesn't expect to hear your tone of voice. Put yourself in his shoes, imagine the disturbance felt by hearing yourself speak without being warned.

So it's now or never: start with the usual formulas , asking for news. How is this professional project going about which he (she) spoke so much? And how are his parents, back from their cruise in the Mediterranean? Then, why not follow up with a "How would you like to drink a coffee one of these days ?" ". Just a coffee, short, calm, efficient.

Under the sudden surprise , and against this proposal without commitment , your ex will probably accept. And if, in the worst case, you face a refusal, go back to Radio Silence for a while. You can also read our article if your ex doesn't want to talk to you anymore . Here's some bonus advice if your ex has blocked your number .

The meeting: how to prepare?

Now that you have a day and a place, it is a question of preparing yourself properly so that your regaining of love does not advance .

Start by remembering that, if your ex accepted, it is not to rehash the past ! On the contrary, look to the future by mentioning your projects and asking for his. Sport, studies, work, travel: so many subjects to discuss to see your ex again and discuss with!

Of course, you will have to take a minimum of care in your presentation . Even if it's not a parade, show that you take care of yourself . Perhaps you have been able to lose a few extra pounds, or have visibly gained muscle mass.

When it comes to dress , take your time to define one that looks good on you - without overdoing it though. Finally, your behavior must reflect your personal development . Be open, back straight, body movements controlled and gaze straightforward.

And above all, stay relaxed , even if this meeting is so important to you. After all, it's just a coffee ...

The last minutes, a decisive moment

Then come the last minutes of this meeting, the decisive moment to say goodbye . While you might not like it, ideally you should take the initiative in ending it.

Use some pretext , an administrative or family obligation, or just things to do.

To balance this out, you can offer to meet again on another occasion, preferably absolutely not romantic . Hold on, and that half marathon you may have signed up for. Would your ex want to do it, or just wait at the finish line to support you ?

Finally, do not move away without having established physical contact : by kissing, or placing your hand on his arm, for example. And always with a smile , it goes without saying.

Your ex wants you back: The signs

At this stage, you can easily spot any signs that your ex wants you back :

he / she keeps contacting you for everything and for nothing, and laughs at all your jokes

you meet regularly by "chance"

seeing you, he / she seems confused

he / she mentions events that may interest you

still single, he / she doesn't seem to be looking for anyone

he / she never ends your meetings

taking care of his / her appearance, he / she compliments you on yours

he / she wants to get rid of habits that annoy you, and mentions having matured

to impress you, he / she talks about his / her successes

If he / she has someone

Now is the time to talk about this topic that scares you so much: what if your ex is in a relationship ? Whether you learn it from your ex, or guess it, the world is falling apart around you. However, show no signs of them , or limit them as much as possible.

You should know that many freshly single souls find themselves a (e) next to turn the page . What is also called the dressing relationship very rarely turns into a serious romantic relationship.

Therefore, she absolutely does not hinder the chances of winning back her ex . From now on, however, your secondary objective in your romantic recovery will be to be better than his / her next .

Until the reconquest of love

Finally, it is successful, you have achieved your goal and successfully won back your love affair! Congratulations! However, getting your ex back is only the first step in your success.

Since it will now be necessary to make you hold your couple . For this, do not hesitate to do everything to strengthen communication with your ex-ex.

The goal is to do everything not to repeat the same errors , and not to produce new ones.

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