7th Annual Congress on Cell Science, Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine - 3 minutes read

Stem cell science


Rejoice for the researchers of the Stem Cell Science Conference, we invite you to join us for the coming 7th Annual Congress on Cell Science, Stem Cell Research, and Regenerative Medicine happening on March 17-18, 2023 in Chicago, USA. 

The theme of the conference is Promising a New Path for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicines. This conference will provide a platform for scholars, researchers, scientists, and students to exchange their ideas and views related to Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. Your contribution in the area of Medicine and Science had a great impact and it is our honor to share the conference with you. We ensure your presence will be fruitful for you and the audience. You can submit your abstract as well.

Cancer Stem Cell

Cancer Stem Cells are the small population of self-renewing oncogenic cells that allows the initiation and progression of the tumor cells. It plays a vital role in tumor initiation, progression, cell death, stem cell therapy resistance, and cell treatment. It shares the common property of normal stem cells or progenitor cells. It has the ability Cancer stem cells are located in the human body parts like the brain, colon, neck, head, pancreas, and Central Nervous System. Cancer Stem Cell was identified in leukemia by the U-M researchers.

It comes from tissue-specific stem cells or bone marrow stem cells. They are derived from the somatic cells that go for trans-differentiation processes. It is a result of gene-transfer processes.

Stem Cell Embryology

Stem Cells are found in the adult body tissues and embryos. They develop from the other cells using genetic “reprogramming” techniques. 

Embryonic Stem cells are found in the inner mass of the human blastocysts and they develop from the early embryo development lasting from the 4th to 7th day of human fertilization. And they disappear after the 7th day and thus form the three layers of embryonic tissue layers.

Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell injections, plasma-rich platelet, and prolotherapy are some examples of regenerative medicine. They are used by the physician as a medical treatment to treat special injuries. They use an individual dose or together.

Doctors have been using this as a treatment to treat joint and tissue damage. It is the best-known type of regenerative medicine treatment.

Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering is biomedical engineering that allows the integration of biology with engineering to create the tissue or the cellular product outside the body to make use of technology for the repair of tissues within the body. The main challenge in tissue engineering is that it needs optimization like biomaterials, cell sources, and the destruction of drug delivery systems.

Market Analysis

The stem Cell Market has increased in both government and private sectors. The global market of stem cells has a value of 36.52% from the year 2017-2021 and is dominated by the USA and then followed by Europe with a value of 13.4%

The advantage of stem cells in the market is that it increases the high totipotency and lifespan of the stem cells. There are some of the top companies in the market like Fischer Scientific, Becton, Dickinson, and Sigma Aldrich.


Stem cell Therapy has brought advancement in the field of biotechnology, and its recent updates and discovery made by scientists have increased the benefits of medical use. The conference will target the people to share their knowledge and updates. Join the Stem Cell Conference for more updates and research. The scientist will present their work to make people aware of Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine. Best Opportunity to interact with the Stem Cell Therapist.

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