Nephrology and Therapeutics Conference 2023 - 4 minutes read

Nephrology and therapeutics


The "12th International Conference on Nephrology and Therapeutics" which will be held in London, the UK from March 21–22, 2023, and focus on future nephrology strategies, would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm greeting to you on behalf of the organizing committee.

The conference will be devoted to the latest innovations and research findings in the fields of nephrology, urology, and therapeutics.

The conference will provide a platform for global participants to share their knowledge and experiences with nephrologists, urologists, and apologists. The conference will also serve as a premier medical tourism event in Singapore.

The medical specialty of nephrology involves the treatment of kidney disorders. Pediatrics and medicine both have a specialty that deals with kidney-related problems. Nephrologists are doctors who specialize in illnesses that damage the kidneys. Globally, kidney problems are on the rise, and millions of people need treatment each year for chronic renal illness or Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). In reality, renal disease is the 12th leading cause of death overall and the 9th leading cause of mortality worldwide.

Reason to attend

To learn about nephrology's and therapeutics' benefits. Nephrologists have the opportunity to interact with the largest gathering of attendees from the nephrology and therapeutics sectors at this event. Present knowledge (oral and physical), interact with current and upcoming scientists, improve the development of novel therapies, and gain notoriety. Internationally recognized speakers with ties to nephrology and therapeutics will publish research articles and journals on this topic that cover the most recent developments.

A thoughtfully crafted schedule is an additional factor. For doctors working in the medical industry, there are workshops, Expo sections, nephron sessions, and various networking possibilities available. a meeting of emerging talent and elite researchers from around the world. Academic seminars on the diagnosis and treatment of nephrology disorders.

Nephrology 2023 is a unique opportunity to learn about the most recent discoveries and network with international experts to discuss patient care improvement, Renal Data System trends, and significant discoveries at an open forum for healthcare professionals to share best practices in order to lower the incidence rate of kidney disease by utilizing novel approaches and cutting-edge technologies.

Target Audience

• Nephrology Scientists

• Nephrology Professors & Renal Experts

• Nephrologist

• Kidney specialists

• Nephrology Researchers

• Transplantation specialists

• Renal Dieticians

• Association and Societies

• Training Institutes

• Business Entrepreneurs

• Manufacturing Medical Devices

• Fellows or Postdoctoral students

• Nephrology Academics

• Emeritus

• Oncology

• Geriatrics medicine

• Hematology

• Pediatrics

• Family Medicine

Market Analysis

With the development of medicine and technology, as well as dialysis and transplantation, there are many hospitals throughout the world providing kidney treatment. They have the necessary certifications for safe health treatment, and using the hospital's attractive setting ensures speedy recuperation. The market for nephrology and therapeutic devices was valued at USD 4.34 billion in 2020, and from 2021 to 2028, it is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 6.6%. The primary driver of market expansion is the increasing incidence and prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in combination with the growing older population. The National Kidney Foundation has calculated that CKD affects 10.0% of the world's population. Consequently, the expanding target market is driving up overall product demand. The market is expanding as a result of rising diabetes and high blood pressure rates around the world, which are the two main causes of renal failure.

According to the WHO, more than 190 million people have chronic renal failure and require dialysis, while more than 220 million men have disorders associated with their prostate glands, such as enlargement that causes the body's urine flow to become obstructed. The Medicine and Medication Devices Market 2019 research offers a focused socio-economic, political, and environmental examination of the aspects influencing the industry for medical devices. The most recent statistics show that, excluding the young and the elderly, about 26 million people currently have chronic nephropathy.

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