How does the EarlyBird Drink Taste? - 2 minutes read


EarlyBird Morning Mixed drink, as I would see it, tastes perfect. I was at first stressed over this since I'm fastidious with flavors. Most protein and pre-exercise drinks make me need to vomit. I didn't believe myself should fear getting up every morning and drinking this.

Amazingly, I found I quite partook in the flavor. I bought the Morning Mimosa flavor and have preferred it since the very beginning. I fill my EarlyBird shaker with 8 oz of water and chug the entire beverage shortly.

Regardless of whether I wasn't wild about the flavor, I can drink it quickly enough that it wouldn't make any difference. Chugging it rapidly is really the strategy they prescribe to consume it.

They really suggest drinking it prior to switching off your caution, however I never attempted that as my better half would have likely killed me.

I read a couple of surveys prior to buying that said it had a "spicey" persistent flavor. I for one didn't actually encounter that. There is a slight "flavor" in the taste, however nothing overpowering (and I'm a child with regards to anything remotely spicey).

Since I bought, there have been two new flavors to emerge, yet they have both been restricted deliveries. You can pursue their mailing rundown to get advised when new flavors are delivered. I'm certain sooner rather than later they will add a couple of different flavors as staples to their stock.Read More From Information