Staying Motivated to Lose Weight - 3 minutes read

Staying motivated to lose weight

‘I wish I could be like Janice. For months now she’s been religiously working out at the gym. She gets on that treadmill and does her thing for ages. I’m so jealous!’ sighed Sue, as she sipped on her large mug of strong, black coffee.

‘Yeah, doesn’t she just look great,’ Barb laughed as she took a bite. ‘This pizza tastes great!’

‘You know, I read in a magazine that if you want to lose weight you should not just wish you want to lose weight, you have to do something about it,’ Sandra said, feeling proud of herself, yet choosing her words carefully so as not to upset delicate Sue. ‘You could take action and more. You should find a way where staying motivated to lose weight is easy as pie, excuse the pun.’

‘What do you mean?’ Barb was now paying attention, realizing that Sandra was leading to something that could make sense.

‘Well, I mean,’ Sandra blushed as all the attention was on her. ‘I am sure many of us have come up with New Year Resolutions, or we may have other wishes, like losing weight just before we go on our annual summer holiday, or something like that, right?’

Nods went around the table. Sandra went on, ‘The question is, though, how many of us have set those wishes as goals that we genuinely want to achieve? How many of us wrote those goals down and decided to be committed to achieving them, and to be motivated, and staying motivated to lose weight?’

The previous nods changed to open-mouthed stares. ‘Maybe Sandra’s onto something here,’ Sue said, as she slurped on her second mug of coffee, almost choking.

‘You see, resolutions and wishes and whimsical desires are merely whims. They are very weak in nature; they have no significant power.’ Sandra leaned forward basking in the glory of Miss Know-it-all for a change. ‘To turn these wishes into reality you must turn them into goals.’

‘Go on,’ they all said in unison.

‘Then write your goals, by hand, by the way, every day. This way your goals will constantly be on your mind. And check this out,’ Sandra went into a whisper. ‘Consciously you will be reminded to take action towards your goals. And, unconsciously, you will naturally be drawn to taking all the necessary steps to make those goals a reality. Now isn’t that just plain WOW!’

‘I like what you’re saying, girl.’ Barb announced as she pushed her plate away from her. ‘This pizza goes back. I’ll stick with the goals, the conscious and unconscious stuff, the staying motivated to lose weight thingy.’

Make it your decision now to decide what kind of future you want; how much weight you intend to lose.

Set it as a goal.

It is the decisions that you make today that affect your future.

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