What Makes Doing YouTube Without Showing Your Face The Best Business Model In 2022? - 1 minute read

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  • The best part is that this business costs zero money to start or scale, takes very little time to set up and run, and does not deal with the hassles of selling anything, having inventory, running advertisements, doing customer service, or being a YouTube personality with millions of people watching and judging you because you can be completely anonymous.

  • Not only that, but every single video you post is a new revenue stream that will continue to pay you on autopilot for years to come.
  • Those revenue streams will just continue growing exponentially every single time you upload.
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  • This business model is also much less time consuming than being a typical YouTuber because a YouTuber needs to come up with an interesting topic, write their script, shoot the video, edit it, and upload it.
  • On top of that, you’re only going to go viral if you’re ENTERTAINING.

  • With my method you’re cutting out the most time consuming parts and finding the shortcut to sustained success on YouTube.

  • Not only that, but you’re almost sure to go viral because you’re picking and choosing entertaining videos in viral niches without you having to be personally entertaining.
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