Invest In Candid Photography With The Best Wedding Photographer In NJ- Surya Garigipati. - 4 minutes read

Imagine yourself sitting on stage on your wedding day and then getting clicked in the same pose with different people for hours together! Does that sound boring? Well, for sure, and so would your wedding photographs! That's what you do if you hire a photographer for your wedding! Get in touch with the best Philly Indian Wedding Photographer- Surya Garigipati, to make an outstanding wedding album for yourself that will comprise some great candid photos to cherish for a lifetime.

The Wedding Photographer NJ on has evolved in their style of photography where the strategy is not to take static shots of just the bride and groom anymore but to take candid photos of everyone in the wedding party and capturing moments which mean something to you for your wedding!

What Makes Candid Wedding Photography So Special?

The Wedding Photographer NJ- Surya Garigipati, explains that candid photography is the new trend at Indian weddings that works well as precious moments are captured as you smile, look at each other or interact with your family and friends.

The hired Philly Indian Wedding Photographer involves the art of clicking pictures when you are unaware, natural and not posing for the photographer. You can still be in motion, like talking or walking or dressing up while being clicked.

Here are some of the instances where Candid photography is focused on by Philly Indian Wedding Photographer- Surya Garigipati

Instance 1: Your Mehendi Function

The mehendi is one of the smaller functions of your Indian wedding. Still, it provides the best opportunities for capturing beautiful and sunlit pictures at your wedding, as shared by Surya Garigipati- the best Wedding Photographer in NJ. Only a candid wedding photographer can tell where to look for fun pictures at this function. Generally, the guests are walking around and mingling, so expecting them to stand in one corner and pose is unfair and can ruin the party's mood.

Instance 2: While Partying!

When you are dancing with the love of your life at your wedding is indeed one of the best times to capture moments. The Philly Indian Wedding Photographer- Surya Garigipati, understands that the emotions, anticipation and excitement during this time are unique and capturing the beauty of this moment is a complete must.

Instance 3: During your Baraat

The baraat is a time everyone looks forward to during your wedding, filled with dancing on the road in front of a horse or a carriage. Everyone is engrossed in dancing with family and friends; the groom is also pooled in for a dance. These moments make for the best pictures and videos through the eyes of a candid Wedding Photographer in NJ who knows what's unique and what should be captured.

Instance 4: When The Bride Is Getting Ready

The Philly Indian Wedding Photographer- Surya Garigipati, believes that one of the most beautiful photos can be captured when the bride is getting ready for her wedding as she adorns herself in her finest jewelry and clothes and tries to look her best!

Instance 5: Capturing The Family And Friends

Of course, the bride and groom are the centre of attention and attraction for the Wedding Photographer in NJ. However, they also understand that friends and family are a big part of attention with their smiling faces, choreographed dances and much more! But not everyone can capture these special moments when the family celebrates among themselves. That is why hiring the best Philly Indian Wedding Photographer- Surya Garigipati, is a complete must!

Who Offers Best Indian Wedding Candid Photography?

If you are planning your wedding and confused about which Philly Indian Wedding Photographer to hire, then keep it simple! Go to the shortlisted Wedding Photographer NJ and look at their previous wedding sets. It will surely support you in making the right choice. Get started to explore wedding photos and testimonials on and make the best choice for your Indian wedding photographer.

In Indian weddings, couples have gotten tired of photographers interrupting their sacred ceremonies with requests for poses but not with the best Wedding Photographer in NJ- Surya Garigipati.