Swoop airlines manage booking - 2 minutes read

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Swoop airlines manage booking

Swoop is a very famous airline that hails from Canada. If you are one of those who purchased a ticket with this airline and want to make some changes to your reservation, then you have to make use of Swoop airlines to manage booking, as it is the easiest way that is available to make changes to your reservation. 

How to manage booking ?

There are some steps that you must follow if you want to make use of manage booking. They are

  • Provide the URL of the swoop airlines

  • Then click on manage my booking 

  • You have to then provide some of the fields that are PNR, your last name, and then submit that

  • This then presents you with tickets that you purchased with the swoop

  • Click on anyone to make changes and make necessary changes 

What is the process for changing booking offline?

If you want to make changes to your booking offline, you can call Swoop Airlines customer Service 18025001049. You can select your preferred language, and after listening to all the issues, select an appropriate one from the portal that transfers you to the available executive. Immediately there, you have to explain all the issues to get a resolution of them.

This explains to you a way that you can use to access your managed booking, and this is possible using an offline approach after calling support or using an online process that is explained already. Whichever you like, use that one. You can reschedule your reservation or even ask for cancelation after calling the support team.