Leptitox Supplements Review: Don't Buy Until You Read My Story - 13 minutes read

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Leptitox Supplement Review: DON’T BUY UNTIL YOU READ MY STORY

Leptitox Supplement Review: DON’T BUY UNTIL YOU READ MY STORY

Exactly a year ago, I was at the lowest point in my life until then.

Physically, emotionally and financially, it couldn’t get any worse.

From Being Overweight To Finding Leptitox

I weighed 200 lbs. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 6-years. I was addicted to alcohol. My writing career had tanked because I just couldn’t put words on paper anymore.

My days were mostly spent looking out the window. But even on a sunny day, all I could see was a perpetual cloud of grey.

I was unappealing. I had turned into a recluse refusing to socialize. I had even cut out my parents from my life.

And then, something happened. My life changed completely.


Today, I am 120 lbs. I am dating an extremely handsome businessman from London and I have just landed a plum lead role in an upcoming TV show.

You might be thinking about how that amazing transformation occurred.

Strap in and enjoy this read.

My name is Kayleigh and this is my success story.


A Childhood Where Being Overweight Was Normal

It never ceases to amaze me that as children, baby fat is considered to be a marker of good health.

To think of it now, I was always overweight. So were most of my friends. But we were never chided for it or asked to get back into shape.

I was a podgy little one that my grandma called the ‘healthiest’ of the lot.

But when I carried that extra pounds into childhood and later adolescence, it should have triggered alarm bells.

Only, it didn’t. Not to blame anybody for it.

I read a recent report by the NHS that states how obesity rates are at an all-time high in children in the UK. I wasn’t surprised though.

All through my school, college and later, working career as a journalism intern, I thrived on fast food and takeaways.

The Big Tasty Burger with Bacon was my favorite of them all, clubbed with a large serving of fries, some cheddar melts and occasionally paired with a Chocolate milkshake. A coke at other times.

I didn’t really notice that I was consuming a whopping 1750 calories in that one single meal. Multiply that by three and some calories to that. That was my net calorie consumption every day.

By the time I was 22, I was tipping the scales at 170 lbs. For someone my height (5’2), that’s extremely obese.

But I didn’t really care. I was in a steady relationship with Brian, my career was on the up and I was writing my first TV show, which had every chance of making it into production.

Life couldn’t get better, or so I believed.

And then, one day after hanging curtains at home, I stepped down from the ladder only to hear a cracking sound. A bolt of pain shot up my leg towards my brain and I fainted.

The next thing I knew; I was in the ER. The Doctors said that I had dislocated my knee.

It sounded unbelievable. It wasn’t a car crash or some major impact. All I did was step down from a ladder.

More Weight, Depression & Breakup

I spent the next six months on the couch recuperating. And during this time frame, I gained 30 lbs. more.

All that I did was lie on the couch and eat junk.

It was probably the first and only time that Brian asked me to cut down on my binge eating. But I snapped at him.

I didn’t realize it then. But I was probably depressed. 

The arguments escalated over the next few weeks. Pointless ones really.

I started to avoid his phone calls altogether.

Well, that continued for a while and then the inevitable happened.

We broke up.

My downward spiral got worse after that. I took to alcohol to drown my sorrows and heavily at that.

I noticed that I couldn’t write as well as I used to. At first I thought that it was writers block. But hell no.

Even after two months, I couldn’t write a single page of decent text. I was sacked from my internship and my first major writing gig, just disappeared as well.

After weeks of physiotherapy, I finally began to walk, but with a noticeable limp.

The first thing that I did was head to the bathroom, strip down and look at myself in the mirror.

I looked pathetic.

It was weeks since I had met anybody, even spoken to anyone or gone socializing. I felt like I was staring at a never ending tunnel of darkness.

My Mum To The Rescue

And the day that I decided that it had to end, my mom turned up at the doorstep.

Almost like a miracle, she managed to coax me out of that self-inflicted agony and dragged me out of my house to meet some of the family. They had arranged a special dinner for me.

I expected half of them to pass snide remarks on my body weight.

None did!

It was the best evening that I had in months.

That evening, my mom told me to fix the problem rather than sulking deeper into despair.

‘Let’s start with your bodyweight problems first’, she quipped. ‘You are depressed because you are obese’.

Only, I didn’t know where or how to begin fixing my problems which seemed to be far too many for me to fix.

The next morning, mom took me for a walk. I couldn’t walk even a mile before I began to feel breathless.

Crash Diets & Quick Fixes

Mathias, our neighbor is a Crossfit instructor and he gave mom a list of things that she could try to help reduce my calorie intake.

We tried them all. Some of them did work to be fair. But I just didn’t have the will power to stop eating.

It was like I was hungry all the time. Even if I’d just eaten a heavy, greasy meal, I would reach out for some sweets and keep munching on them.

  • I tried Keto. That lasted all of two days.
  • The Atkins diet came next. That lasted a week before I began to cheat.
  • Paleo was impossible for me to follow for even a day.
  • I was walking every day. But that wasn’t going to help me lose a lot.

Then one day during our walks, I met Maya, Mathias’s wife who’s a Pilates instructor and holistic healing specialist.

We had a long talk about my struggles with various diets and exercise programs.

I’ll never forget what Maya told me.

She said, ‘You’re failing because you are trying to fix the wrong thing. Your problem isn’t with how much you eat. It’s because your body forces you to eat. That’s what you’ve got to fix.’

At first, I thought that it was a sales pitch for some other crash diet.

But she told me to google about Leptin resistance. Later that evening, she came over again and gave me a one-week supply of Leptitox.

Leptitox & Fixing Leptin Resistance

Leptin is a hormone secreted by the fat cells in the human body.

Along with a variety of biological functions, Leptin is also responsible for preventing the body from over eating and preventing it from starving.

It does this by signaling the hypothalamus when the body is satiated. In return, the hypothalamus signals the body to start using some of the consumed food and stored fat for energy.

But due to some reasons, like chemicals that our bodies get exposed to over a period of years, we develop a condition called Leptin resistance.

When we become resistant to Leptin, this automated signaling to the hypothalamus gets interrupted.

This means that the brain has no idea of how much or what you’ve just eaten. Leptin is unable to send out neurotransmissions to the receptors.

So, the brain keeps sending messages to your hormonal system to secrete Ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone. In other words, you are forced to keep eating.

The irony of the whole thing is, the more you eat, the more likely it is to get stored as fat for future use.

The more you have fat, the more leptin your body produces. It’s like a vicious cycle that needs to be broken for any sort of fat loss to work.

As I read more and more about Leptin, it was like connecting the dots. I started to realize that everything that was happening to me was probably connected to this.

But how did it happen to me? How does someone get Leptin resistance?

The Chemicals That Disrupt Your Leptin Resistance

While there can be many factors that can disrupt your resistance to Leptin, there are a few primary ones that have been identified by scientists and researchers.

  1. BPA – A chemical that is used readily in a bottles, plastics and even sports drinks. BPA has now been classified as an EDC, an endocrine disrupting chemical. We are exposed to BPA almost on an everyday basis.
  2. TBT – Found in vinyl as well as paint. Take a walk around home and look at the number of vinyl products that you are using. You should find an answer to your hormonal problems.
  3. PFOA – Found in nonstick cookware that has a Teflon coating. My house is crammed with them.

These are not all of them mind you.

There’s atrazine, carbamazepine, Phenytoin, TCEP and tons of such EDCs that we are exposed to, through the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Sadly, there’s very little mainstream information about what this is doing to our bodies.

If I had never met Maya, I’d probably have struggled forever with crash diets and failed miserably at it.

With renewed energy, I set out to try Leptitox.

Leptitox Review: My Experience

Leptitox is a weight management health supplement that focuses on one aspect of weight loss that no other drug or supplement does.

It helps reverse the damage caused by Leptin resistance, by flushing out some of the very toxins that may be responsible for it.

In other words, it detoxifies your body.

If anyone of you has tried a detox routine before, then you’d know how difficult it can get to tolerate the random hunger pangs as your body undergoes a change.

Leptitox also ticks this box off. Some of the botanical ingredients in it, help suppress your appetite.

In addition to this, there’s a dietary fiber which makes you feel fuller after a meal, making it less likely for you to cheat.

What Are The Ingredients In Leptitox?

Before I pop any pill into my body, I ensure that I know what every single ingredient in it is. So should you.

Here are the ingredients in Leptitox.

  1. Marian Thistle also called Milk Thistle in the US. It is a scientifically proven liver protectant and also has a bevy of other benefits. Milk Thistle helps flush out BPA from our system.
  2. Apeum Graveolens Seed helps to remove DEHP, another EDC from our system. Also helps reduce obesity when clubbed with a healthy diet and exercise program.
  3. Jujube that helps remove ZEA
  4. Grapeseed that helps remove Cadmium
  5. Alfalfa
  6. Chanca Piedra
  7. Taraxacum leaves
  8. Brassicas
  9. Barberry

You can find the full ingredient list over here.

What I really liked about Leptitox is that every single ingredient is of natural origin and science backed.

Losing Weight With Leptitox

When I started Leptitox, I was weighing 198 lbs. I had managed to lose 2 paltry lbs. in a span of a few weeks with inconsistent walking.

The capsules are standard sized ones with no aroma or aftertaste to it after you swallow them.

I took two capsules in the noon as recommended by Maya.

Two days later, I was disappointed. Nothing was happening. My weight was still the same.

I reached out to Maya who told me to be patient.

You are not using some pharmaceutical-grade toxic shit. It will take time. Hang on’, she said.

On day 5, I woke up and felt that my face was looking leaner. The puffiness that it usually has, was gone. Or so I felt. Maybe it was placebo.

But I hopped on the weighing scale to check. There it was.

I had lost 2 lbs. more since I had started. It was unbelievable for me at first.

But that was all the motivation that I needed. I signed up for a three-month supply of Leptitox and also received a 30-day supply of Colon Cleanse.

Effects of Leptitox

In the next few weeks, here are some of the effects that I noticed as I continued to lose fat.

  • I felt more energized during the day. It was like I was on a steady intake of black coffee. Only, I wasn’t. And Leptitox doesn’t even contain much caffeine to keep you stimulated all day. It’s just a tiny amount. So clearly, there was something else at work. Was my body using the tons of stored fat reserves to fuel me?
  • I started to feel full after lunch. Otherwise, I would reach out for a mid-meal snack and then would follow it up with some more snacks. This would continue all day. By the end of week 2, my all-day snacking had stopped completely.
  • I started to eat less. Rather than binging on one serving after the other, I was automatically limiting my food intake to fewer servings. Was it the fiber in the Leptitox that was responsible? I don’t know really. All I do know is that it made it so easy to cut down on food. I could never had done it without it.
  • My skin was looking better. Talk about face gains, I was looking leaner and my skin was looking much better. Almost like I’d gone back to my teens.
  • My confidence was sky high. I was ready to take on all the challenges that the world could throw at me. I was writing again. The brain fog and the persistent cloud of grey had disappeared as well.
  • By the end of my eighth week with Leptitox, I had lost 25 lbs. That may not seem like much in two months. But remember, I didn’t make any forced changes to my diet. I didn’t step into the gym.

I was hooked. And I was determined to get back to shape. So I joined Maya’s Pilates studio. The combination

Getting To 120 lbs & Life Post-Depression

It’s been 9-months since I started to use Leptitox. I have managed to lose 78 lbs. so far.

It became doubly effective once I started exercising.

My life has changed completely.

In fact, I stopped using Leptitox a month ago and I haven’t gained back an ounce of what I lost.

I am currently at 120 lbs. I started dating again a few months ago and am currently seeing a handsome guy from London. He heads an interior design firm.

The biggest surprise though, came when I was asked to audition in an upcoming TV show that I was hoping to co-write. After the audition, I landed the role. Lol!

How did everything change all of a sudden? Was it my mom? Was it Maya? Was it my persistence? Maybe it was a little bit of everything.

But Leptitox had such a key role to play. Here’s why it worked phenomenally well for me as it would work for you too.

  • It is all natural. No fillers, toxic chemicals or pharma-grade thermogenic compounds
  • It helps reverse Leptin resistance by flushing out the toxins that affect your endocrine system
  • It does not require you to cut out on any food group.
  • It keeps you full making you eat less
  • It is made in a GMP-certified lab
  • It is non-habit forming.

  • You don’t regain your weight even after you stop using it.
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Leptitox Discounts & Coupon Code

If you’re looking for Leptitox coupon code or discount then let me say I tried everything and nothing worked.

I did try good amount of coupon websites and all ended up saying “The coupon code you entered is invalid“.

But the official page of leptitox sometimes gives a discount: www.leptitox.com

Try it now

Irrespective of your age, your sex and your reason for not being able to lose weight, I would highly recommend that you try Leptitox.

At worst, you’ll be back to where you started.

At best and in high probability, it will transform your life completely. Like it changed mine.

Good luck!

credit: dailyachievers.com