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It is probably not a surprise that you feel worn-down, depressed and frustrated by your husband's harsh and unkind words. It is clear that your husband is treating you inappropriately, and you are in a state of not knowing where to turn next. Your situation is very common, as many people go through your pain.

The good news is, that all this can change as soon as you stop trying to protect yourself and start stepping up and taking action to make changes.

You see, your husband has you on strong defense, managing your hurt and fear. This is easy territory for him to continue his "verbal attacks" and cruel behaviour.

You must start claiming your territory. Get out of protection mode and go on the offensive. Make it clear to your husband that he is acting foolishly, and irrationally. Do not be afraid to take a stand and defend yourself at all costs! Watch how your husband will always try to put you back into a state of worry, fear and problems. The truth is, this is all psychological and he does this to stay in control.

This is why you must change 2 things right now...What you believe and what you focus on...

What we believe tends to take shape around us, and what we focus on tends to always be the direction we move towards.

If you believe your boyfriend won't come back, and you focus on not having him, this is sure to happen to you. Because, you will only look for all the ways that he doesn't want you or won't come back. Your focus will pull you more strongly in that direction until it becomes completely true.

So right now you have some serious re-focusing and belief changing to do!

You must focus on all the ways you can get him back and believe with every fiber of your being that you will get him back. Remember this...The mind is a constant recording device. Everytime you tell yourself it's over, that's it. You strengthen that conviction. On the other hand, if you keep saying "I know he'll come back", "I am absolutely certain he will come back" you strengthen that conviction, and naturally more ways start to show up.

Try this method out and see how it works for you.

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