'Atlas' (2024) Review - A Disappointingly Average Blockbuster Spectacle. - 2 minutes read

While this lack of clarity allows for artistic freedom, it left me searching for context. The dialogue often feels awkward and burdened with excessive exposition, with characters primarily either complaining about or praising Atlas, who seems to be the center of everyone's attention. Unfortunately, this focus comes at the expense of a more expansive plot and well-developed characters, making the overall experience quite tedious. Although Lopez's performance is enjoyable at times, showcasing her comedic talents, the pacing suffers as the story tries to give Atlas more to do. Harlan, portrayed by Liu, is the most affected by this. Despite being intended as a formidable antagonist, his presence is frustratingly underutilized. His motivations and backstory are largely unexplored, reducing him to a vague figure rather than a fully fleshed-out villain. The script provides little opportunity for Harlan to evolve into a truly menacing force. The reveal in the third act is quite surprising, particularly considering the film's focus on Atlas on Soap2Day. While it is expected that she plays a significant role in the conspiracy, the explanation of how Harlan orchestrates his actions and the reasons behind her behavior is unexpected. These two characters share a captivating connection that lies at the core of the film, shedding light on why she feels guilty for setting these events in motion and adding a layer of complexity to their relationship.