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Wilmington Delaware is home to an exciting downtown scene including boutiques, museums, live entertainment, and some of the most exciting eating options. However, it is an excellent retreat for those who want to step away from the bustle and enjoy the serene countryside that runs along the Brandywine River.

In the 19th century, Wilmington's residents, mostly Swedish prospered while they worked in textiles, shipbuilding, and constructing the Baltimore And Ohio Railroad. A new influx of people was born from the industrial heritage.

Wilmington is located halfway between New York City and Washington, D.C. Wilmington is a vibrant metropolitan area that spans 45 square kilometers. The historic districts of the city are situated on the Christina River and boast major performance venues as well as 225 hectares of parkland.

Founded as a Swedish settlement in 1638, the area expanded under Dutch and British colonization. The British were the ones who governed the town. King George II granted a charter to the city in 1739. The name was changed from that of Willington who was the first person to put together the land using a grid similar to Philadelphia's and changed the name to Wilmington.

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