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EA Sports’ rebranded FIFA series, EA Sports FC, is consistently one of the world’s 10 biggest, if not top 5 sellers. Last year was its first under the new name as the publisher and soccer’s global body parted ways after 20 years.

Otherwise, a lot of the game was a continuation of the old series, in the sense of features being iterated on, new clubs being added, and the marketing cadence of trailers, reveals, and previews that preceded it.

With all that as a guide, here is what we know so far about what’s coming in EA Sports FC 25.

When will EA Sports FC 25  be released?

The soccer series has typically launched on the last Tuesday of September. If that pattern holds, EA Sports FC 25 will officially release on Sept. 24, 2024.

However, the EA Play subscription usually gives an early access window, as does some offers like pre-orders or deluxe editions. That could mean people will be playing it as soon as Sept. 17, or Sept. 20 if it’s a preview weekend only.

How much will EA Sports FC 25 cost?

Nothing has been announced, but if the past is any guide, there should be two editions at launch: A standard edition for $69.99, and a “Champions,” “Ultimate,” or other deluxe edition at $99.99. The deluxe editions include the preview (at least four, sometimes seven days), a modest quantity of FC points, the real-money Ultimate Team currency, and other content items for use in the game, typically Ultimate Team.

What platforms will EA Sports FC be on?

EA Sports FC’s lead platforms are PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X.

Nintendo Switch, however, finally got a current edition of the FIFA/EAFC series for the first time since 2018. While Switch did not have the advanced Hypermotion V or AcceleRATE 2.0 gameplay features that PS5, PC, and Xbox did, it was much more supported than what had been the maintenance of a legacy game from FIFA 19.

Switch also did not have cross-platform multiplayer, though that feature did debut for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC gamers in EA Sports FC 24. This means PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the two remaining platforms where gamers won’t see the flashy new upgrades and features that will grace the lead platforms.

When will EA FC 25 get its first trailer?

Late June and early-to-mid July is when EA Sports’ marketers drop a teaser trailer with a launch date announcement. This is if the past five games are any guide. But also, Madden NFL 25 kicked off its preview season with a cover star announcement about three days before the press writeups started rolling in. College Football 25 also got a smashing teaser about 10 days before its previews lifted.

EA Sports FC 24’s previews came in on July 18, with the official announcement trailer on July 10. That seems to be as good a guide as any for EA FC 25, although UEFA’s Euro 2024 championship could complicate that, as its final will be played July 14.

What will be in EA Sports FC 25?

It’s tough to guess at what the major improvements, or new features will be in an iterative sports work. There are no rumors out there about what EA Vancouver is up to, and with a yearlong development cycle, sports video games publicists like to wait as long as they can before divulging any details. The death of E3 also means no stage time with a platform holder to start teasing the wares.

EA Sports FC 24 continued to build on the HyperMotion technology introduced in FIFA 22. This is where developers use data from real life matches to deliver more authentic player movement, reaction, and overall pace of play. The data is gathered from cameras placed at matches themselves, and last year EA Sports was principally working in the Spanish and English professional leagues (both women’s and men’s).

Rumors suggest that EA Sports FC 25 will once again tinker with corner kick mechanisms, though set-piece gameplay usually gets some kind of attention every year. Either way, this would hardly anchor a new suite of feature announcements, so EA Sports likely has something bigger up its sleeve.

There’s also a by-now standard announcement of new clubs and other licenses appearing in the game. Rumors are starting to roll in that AS Roma may return to EA FC 25, as eFootball just loaded a fake logo for the Rome club into its game. Those two had an exclusive partnership.

Last year, EA Sports FC 24 brought in the Ballon d’Or under an official license, perhaps to offset some of the absence of the FIFA branding. The Ballon d’Or is presented by France Football magazine, in fact, not the world governing body for soccer. The two did have a partnership that lasted from 2010 to 2015, however.

Will there be any special editions for EA Sports FC 25?

Count on it. Nothing has been leaked or advanced so far, but with a live-service game like Football Ultimate team helping drive $1.7 billion in revenue to Electronic Arts, special editions are a way to offer free currency, card packs, and other digital content for those willing to spend extra quid. Electronic Arts also dangles early access with a pre-order of these editions. Details will emerge with the launch date announcement, most likely.

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